Las Vegas

I went to Las Vegas over the weekend and had an incredibly fun time. I flew out on the red eye Thursday night with a friend and landed early Friday morning. Wednesday night I was feeling nervous about the trip for a couple of reasons: 1) I’m not really a club-type person and Vegas is basically one giant club; and 2) there were a lot of people who didn’t know each other or who barely knew each other and I was worried about how we’d all interact.

I worried for nothing because it was an amazing time. Everyone got along. We all got drunk but not drunk enough to fight. No one lost a crazy amount of money and everyone left happy that they’d come.

We planned one night and flew by the seats of our pants the other nights and though we had fun on the planned night, our first night in town was by far the best, probably because there were no expectations. So next time (if there is a next time): no planning.

I’m convinced that Vegas is a single-sex city. There were a few times when we were dancing that I wished I had Wes by my side, but overall I was having too much fun bonding with friends and getting special treatment because we were an attractive group of women and having men mixed in would have changed the dynamic of everything, in that clubs don’t want to offer anything for free to men.

I didn’t take many pictures because my point-and-shoot camera was getting repaired and no way was I hauling my DSLR around with all the alcohol we were drinking, but there are a few and they tell the story of a great weekend. Turns out, with the right group of women, I’m a Vegas person after all.


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