Week 12: 365 Photo Project

I find that if I go straight into the office instead of downstairs, I actually get something done on my days off.

Cloudy walk with Tsunami

I usually take my camera with me to work but on Thursday I found myself thinking that I usually take the same route during lunch and on my way to the bus stop I’m too loaded down with bags and mail to be able to take my camera out. I thought I’d used all my photo opportunities up. So of course when I got to the bus stop that morning this tiny little bush was making a great shadow on this woman’s pants. iPhone to the rescue.


From the new farmers’ market that finally started just a mile from home. It’s on Thursday which is kind of a bummer, but at least I don’t have to drive 30 minutes to the nearest one. One egg is free range from the market and one is organic (in probably the least hippie sense of the word) from Costco. I’m definitely making the switch to free range local eggs.

This is Molly, our neighbor’s tea cup Chihuahua. And Tsunami, being submissive to her, even though this photo makes her look indifferent. She spent the better part of the afternoon alternately trying to play with her and hiding behind Wes because she doesn’t know how  to play with something that size.

It finally rained last night and we hope there’s more to come. Anything to break up the every day sunshine. I know some people might be screaming at me to just enjoy the sun and all that. But every day? It just gets old. Variety is the spice of life.

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  1. Last year our reading coach (now cut due to the budget) used to bring in fresh eggs from their chickens. We loved the special treat. Now it is back to Costco for eggs. It is a bummer but I am not willing to have chickens in my backyard.

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