Day Five

In 19 days we’ll be in Boise for Thanksgiving and, most likely, freezing. It started snowing there yesterday and as excited as I am about the chance to experience something other than 85 and sunny I know that there will be quite a lot of complaining about just how fucking cold it is there.

Living in Hawaii means that you forget that other places experience seasons. It’s like the world outside of our little island doesn’t has been stuck in one season: summer. So when I hear it’s been snowing or raining or just plain cold I’m taken aback. How is it possible that we are running the air conditioner and wearing shorts and flip-flops while the parts of the east coast are without power because of snow storms?

What I’m trying to say is: it’s going to be hard to acclimate when we finally leave the island. But hopefully our ending is a little better than Lost.


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2 responses to “Day Five

  1. Dad

    Bring your wool socks.

  2. Mama

    Getting very excited to have you all here & yes, it’s cold! Didn’t even make it over 40 degrees today!!

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