Day Twenty Six

I nearly forgot about yesterday’s post but at the last minute I put up a hasty post while out at the bar. Sure it was today in Boise, but it was still yesterday in Hawaii so I’m calling it good.

Boise is cold, but not nearly as cold as I was preparing myself for, which is probably a good thing. Instead of spending the week bitching about the weather we’re actually able to enjoy the weather. It also makes it easier for us to believe that coming back to cold weather after Hawaii won’t be as difficult a transition as we imagine. Yeah, we’re probably kidding ourselves but I’m going to let this one slide or I’ll never want to come back. And I really want to come back.

My brother and his girlfriend are in town, too, but only one set of friends came back so it’s been less stressful than our visits in the past have been. Instead of having to deal with everyone’s schedule we’ve been able to relax more and spend a lot of time just with family. Last night was our big friend night out and it was just a really good time with a few groups of people who don’t know each other but we all fit.

We still have two days left here and then we move on to Seattle, where we’ll see more friends and adorable babies and I’ll leave wondering when we will finally make it back to the mainland. Seeing friends and family once a year just isn’t cutting it anymore. Sure the beach is nice, but nothing beats the squirrels and leaves falling.

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