Week 16 & 17: 365 Day Photo Project

Both Wes’ dad and his uncle have been diagnosed with prostate cancer so this year Wes decided to get his job site involved in Movember. They raised $1,660, including $180 from the winner who generously put all his winnings back in. I’m incredibly proud of my husband for spearheading this and am looking forward to seeing how it evolves through the years. I’m not terribly sad to see the ‘stache gone, though.

Usually when I come home Tsunami is at the backdoor waiting for me to let her in. This time I had the back door shut before she realized that I was home. I’m not sure what was on the other side of that fence but she was certainly interested in it.

We have a friend staying with us and this is her dog, Efes. He is one big ball of fur. He’s so well-behaved, which Tsunami is doing her damnedest to fix by teaching him how to dig. But before you start to feel too bad for his owner let me tell you that he’s trying to convince Tsunami that it’s okay to wrestle on our bed when it’s totally not okay.

We were really excited about cold weather.

The Sunday before we left we all drove out to the middle of nowhere to shoot some guns (we were in Boise, after all). After our wedding last summer Wes sent his gun home with my dad. We brought the gun out but my dad forgot the magazine so we had to load it one bullet at a time. Wes had been putting the bullets in his jacket pocket to reload easier. When we got the airport on Tuesday morning TSA pulled him aside to search his bag. “Do you hunt?” they asked him. When he said no they cut straight to the chase: “Is there any reason you would have a bullet in your bag?” One little bullet had gotten lost in his jacket pocket. They took the bullet and his information and then let him go. He’s convince the mustache helped him out.

Am I caught up yet? Ugh, no. But close.

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