Rocket Man

This is one I should have had on my Life List but was scared to put it on in case it never happened: see Elton John in concert. Along with Eric Clapton, Elton John has been at the top of the list of musical artists I wanted to see live. So a couple of months ago when Wes heard that he was coming to town (though I don’t know where he heard it since there seemed to be no publicity on it) we snatched up tickets as soon as they were available.


The show was scheduled for 8 o’clock but we assumed, like all concerts, that it wouldn’t start on time. Elton John, though, is a professional and when we walked in at 8:15 he was already rocking out.


I’m not convinced lilac is a good color on me. 


He played for two hours straight. Some songs we knew and some we didn’t because when you see someone who’s been performing that long there’s bound to be some music that you don’t know.


After every song he stood up from his piano and pointed at the crowd and bowed, seemingly genuinely enthused that we had all come out for his show.


So basically, I slept with Elton John is what I’m trying to say.



(All photos from my iphone because I didn’t think cameras would be allowed in. I was wrong and I think the moral of the story is that I should always have a real camera with me.)

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