16 Weeks


I’m 16 weeks as of Sunday. I thought I was starting to feel better last week, but the weekend arrived and instead of enjoying it I spent it feeling nauseous. This week the only time I don’t feel like throwing up is when I’m eating. A minute after eating? Back to wanting to throw up.  My stomach is incredibly dry and I’m lathering up with baby oil and lotion and anything else I can think of to keep it from peeling because that just creeps me out.


Yesterday we were able to hear the baby’s heart beat again. There was a moment where the dr. couldn’t find it (hiding, she said) and I started to freak out. I had originally told Wes that he didn’t need to come to these appointments becasue they only last about 10 minutes but it takes an hour or so out of his day. The closer we got to the appointment, though, I started to change my mind. And for those 30 seconds where the dr. couldn’t find the heart beat I was glad to have Wes there. Just in case.


I’m starting to show a little bit. I think it’s more noticable in person. Unless you’re looking at my boobs. They have gone from large to out of control. I’m sorry to all the ladies of smaller boobies who get nothing during pregnancy. But you’re probably also the women who don’t get sick for three months so I think maybe we’re even.


WWe’ve started to prepare for the baby. With family visiting in July (and little 7-month old baby), we’re hoping to have the nursery set to test it out with our neice. My parents will be here in June over the Fathers’ Day weekend and we’ll finish any last minute things we need to do. This week we purchased our first baby item: a BOB stroller. Yes, I know the baby’s not due until the end of September but we had an REI coupon so we’ll have a stroller for nearly five months without a baby to fill it. We’ll probably need all that time to find a place to store it.

In less than two weeks we find out what we go in for the anatomy scan and will hopefully find out what we’re having. I know a lot of people don’t find out, but II need to prepare myself one way or the other. So far I don’t have a strong feeling one way or the other, but plenty of other people do. I hope by the time we do find out I start feeling better.

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