17 Weeks


It’s hard to tell with all the foliage, but I’m starting to actually look pregnant. Yesterday the bus I was riding was hit by a truck (how the truck didn’t see a large bus, I don’t know) and we stopped on the highway and were ushered on to other buses that passed by. The bus I happened to get on was standing room only, and with another 40 minutes left in the ride, I wasn’t especially looking forward to it. But a woman who had a small child sleeping on a seat woke her son up and asked if he’d like to give up his seat for “the lady with the baby in her belly” and I can’t even describe the relief and excitement I felt to hear that. I’ve crossed over to the Hey, she’s pregnant stage from the Is she fat or pregnant stage and that is a great feeling.

This week I feel even better than I did last week, and I felt pretty okay last week. I didn’t have to leave work early at all. I still feel a little nauseous in the evenings, but I’ll take that over all day. Monday afternoon I even felt well enough to clean and just having the apartment look a little fresh in parts (what, like I was going to clean the whole apartment?) definitely helped lift my mood of when-the-heck-will-I-start-experiencing-the-awesome-part-of-pregnancy? No, I’m not there yet, but I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Our stroller arrived on Monday (thanks REI for the fastest shipping ever!) and I put it together only to store it in the laundry room for the next five months. I told Wes that he should take a look at it to make sure everything was in working order because it seemed way too easy to put together (even though it was only putting wheels on and I’ve absolutely changed tires before). “It’s made for moms,” he told me. “It’s supposed to be easy.” And then I remembered that the photos they show in the directions are of a woman’s hand with a wedding band.

Monday is our next appointment and we will hopefully find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. It’s funny to hear the guesses from everyone because they’re all so different but each person is so sure – and sometimes for the same reason. One person thinks I’m having a boy because of the way I’m carrying while another cites that same reason for me having a girl. I have no feelings about, probably because I’ve been too sick to even think about it. And that’s fine with me. We want a happy and healthy baby, boy or girl (though Wes wants a girl because he likes the name we’ve picked out).

And speaking of Wes, tomorrow is his 30th birthday. He managed to plan a work outing for his team and their families to wander around the LPGA, which is taking place near our house. After so many months of being cooped up on the couch while I try to not throw up, I think we’re both looking forward to being around people and enjoy the sunshine outside.



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