32 Weeks

Oh, man. Is it September yet? It’s getting really hot here, or maybe it’s just that I’m getting bigger so I notice the heat more. Whatever it is, it’s starting to get pretty uncomfortable during the day. We had the air conditioner on while Wes’ family was in town, but that felt a little closed off and meant that someone has to let Tsunami in and out, which was happening a little too often for my liking. That dog door alone is worth suffering through a couple hours worth of heat.

I’m not 32 weeks and at my appointment today we asked what the the odds were for having an incredibly large baby since Wes’ head is huge and we’re both a little worried about that being passed on to Stella and how that will work when I deliver. I’m measuring 34 weeks and have put on just a tad too much weight since my last visit two weeks ago, which I attribute to my mother -in-law’s sweet tooth. For three weeks there was a steady stream of m&m’s and ice cream and I indulged more than I should have. But now I’m back to swimming on a regular basis (well, regular for the past two weeks, anyway). Right now, being in the water is the only place where I’m not breathing like a fat kid. I’m not as fast as I was pre-pregnancy, but after huffing and puffing when walking up the stairs I feel like I’m flying through the water.

When I had my glucose test back in June I barely passed. Well, I failed the one-hour and barely passed the three-hour, so while I don’t have gestational diabetes I could becoming more glucose-intolerant. I’ve been told to cut down on white carbs (bread, pasta, and rice, which are the backbone of my diet and I know they shouldn’t be but oh, so delicious) but what I think has really been irritating me is sugar. So, with 8 weeks left, I’m looking into cutting our sugar -at least sweets (like m&m’s and ice cream) – and see how that affects me because after the first four months of throwing up, I’m not sure I can take it if the last two months are full of sickness too.

Stella’s been moving a lot. Limbs pushing out, legs doing swipe kicks. Sometimes I just sit on the couce and watch her move around and I’m in awe that there’s a baby in there and in two-ish months I’ll be able to see those movements without feeling them. There’s not much I’m going to miss about but watching my belly dance with her movements is one of them.


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3 responses to “32 Weeks

  1. Candee

    Yes, I have a sweet tooth so it’s okay to blame it on me BUT I didn’t make you eat it! love you!!!

  2. Candee

    So are you 32’or 34 weeks?

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