Waiting is the Hardest Part

We’re now down to the last 3 weeks of this pregnancy, which means I see my Ob-Gyn every week to see how I’m progressing. Last week I was 1cm dilated and this week I was hoping to see a little progression, but I’m still stuck at 1cm. Not that it really means anything. Our friend who had her baby in July, a week after her due date and only after she was induced, was told by her midwife that she was certain she wouldn’t make it to her due date. I know that the baby will come when she’s ready. I just wish that I wasn’t so uncomfortable and ready for this pregnancy to be over. It feels like these last few weeks will just drag by, in spite of how quickly all the previous weeks have gone.

My belly measurements have slowed down as well. Last week I was measuring 39cm and this week I’m still there. I had a late diagnosis of gestational diabetes and have changed our diet pretty dramatically since I found out. Clearly that’s helped a bit. I have a few classes to take, starting tomorrow, mostly to show me how to eat and how to monitor my blood sugar. I know it’s only for the last two weeks, but knowing that I’m at risk due to family history of type 2 diabetes, this will help for the future. Next time I get pregnant I’ll just assume that I have GD act accordingly.

Stella’s room is completely set up. The last thing we needed to purchase was a diaper pail and we picked that up this afternoon. It’s still sitting in the trunk of the car, though, because walking to the house and up the stairs with just myself is hard enough as it is. All of her clothes are put away – and she has some seriously cute clothes that I can’t wait to see her in – and blankets folded and toys stored and diapers stacked. We’ve got her hospital bag packed and mine too and we ready to go. Whenever she is. Wes has been telling everyone that it’s like he ordered something online and he’s just had to wait for it. Yes, it’s exciting, but the best part doesn’t happen until the package is actually in your hands. I feel like right now the package is on the truck and out for delivery and all I can do is sit on the couch and wait.

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