Morning Routine

Mornings are the only time that we have an actual routine, which still only stands for as long as Stella allows it. Babies, man, they are little tyrants. Adorable little tyrants. We wake up when Stella wants to wake up, some time between five a.m. (boooo) and 7 a.m. (yay!). I can usually tell by her grunting and wriggling and throat clearing that she’ll be up soon so I have time to brush my teeth and put my contacts in and pee before she starts screaming to be let out of the swaddle and fed. After that she we hang out in bed, staring at the ceiling fan until Stella decides that she’s over just laying around staring at shit and would I please pick her up and walk her around.

We head downstairs where I can put her down for about 15 minutes to switch diaper laundry or grab a bowl of cereal or start coffee. She’s ready for a morning nap within an hour or two and, oh, the crankiness of a 7-week old, there is nothing like it. Nothing I do or say can console her because she goes from awake and happy to tired and pissed off in minutes. There is barely a warning, maybe a minute where she’ll snuggle up under my chin, but most days I don’t even get that warning. So I’ll change her diaper and get dressed in workout clothes that will some day flatter my body again but for right now just hug all the places where I put on baby weight (my belly, basically) and I want to put a sign on her stroller to let people know I just had a baby but I suppose that if I’m working out with a baby stroller it’s fairly obvious.

We’ve been walking/running at the resort neighborhood of Ko ‘Olina near our house. It’s a great path along the ocean, paved and shaded and the parking this time of year is plentiful. We’re usually there by 9 o’clock and Stella falls asleep on the way there and if I’m lucky stays asleep until we get home and she’s ready for her second breakfast. I started out just walking and am working my way up to running. I was pretty sick for the first part of my pregnancy and too huge for the last part of it to do any walking or running outside and in the last weeks before Stella was born I was fantasizing about being able to run again.

This morning I managed 3 1/2 miles in 47 minutes with an average pace of 13:26. I’m slowly working my way up to running an entire 3 miles, but right now this is a start. I’m just 4 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and hopefully fitting into my jeans before we leave for Portland and cold weather.

This part of our day is the only constant. I’m able to get my exercise and Stella’s able to get her nap. Sometimes we have the company of other new moms and we end up walking for over an hour, venting about all the tough parts of being a new mom but always coming back to But they are still so amazing and the good parts make all the shitty parts worth it.


The good stuff

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