What’s with babies fighting sleep? It’s like they think they’re going to miss something if they shut their eyes for more than 30 seconds. Stella’s a great sleeper at night – something about the dark apparently makes her think that nothing exciting is going to happen so it’s fine if she gets some rest – but during the day she fights naps like it’s her job. There’s much rocking and hopping and shushing and shaking (not the dangerous kind, of course) and white noise and car rides and stroller rides and so much frustration from both of us. “Why won’t you sleep?!” is what I say and somehow Stella hears, “Why are you trying to kill me?”

Yesterday she woke up from her nap at 1:30 and from then until we put her to bed at 8:30, she only took 20 minute cat naps, waking each time not reenergized but even more exhausted and unhappy. By the time Wes got home at 5:00 her screams had evolved from exhaustion to SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KILL ME! status and we were both at a loss of how to stop it. I had to go outside with Tsunami and play fetch (throwing the tennis ball at the fence as hard as I could to relieve some of the frustration of the day) while Wes tried his hand at calming her down.

He finally managed to stop her crying by strapping her in the car seat and swinging her and we decided to take a walk, hoping to get her to sleep for even 30 minutes, and maybe tire out Tsunami so that we didn’t have two demanding girls on our hands. But Stella, eyes puffy from crying and lack of sleep, refused to shut her eyes long enough to sleep. She looked out of that stroller in wonder at the world around her and just took it all in and even though I wanted her to sleep, at least she was being quiet.

When we got home we had about 30 minutes of quiet before she started crying again and then it was time for bed. A swaddle and some rocking and she was out. The last few nights she’s slept until 6am and even though those uninterrupted hours of sleep are great and a lot of new moms would kill for that many hours, it doesn’t quite make up for the hours of screaming during the day. A little moderation is all I’m asking for, but trying telling a seven-week old that.

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