Welcome Home

We spent two weeks in Portland and Seattle for the Thanksgiving holiday and oh my gosh is it exhausting traveling with an infant. With the temperature difference, packing for myself is hard enough and then add to that trying to pack for a two-month old when you don’t know how to dress a baby for cold weather and the result is that we brought way too much stuff. We packed cloth diapers but when we got back Stella’s bum was looking pretty red and a quick trip to the pediatrician and it turns out she probably has a yeast rash. So that’s fun to deal with. I suspect that the culprit was too many days in the same diaper for too many hours because of our packed schedule, coupled with the difficulty in drying the liners because Portland is cold! So next trip we’ll probably just do disposables unless we’re staying in one place and can really spend the time to clean them properly. Though, today, Stella pooped out of her diaper (I suspect the culprit on this is that disposable diapers just don’t hug as well) and it was such a mess that we just cut her out of the onesie and went straight to the shower so I’m pretty much over disposable diapers today.

I have a ton of pictures from all sides of the family and I want to share some stories of our trip. But right now Stella’s asleep and our Christams lights are up and Tsunami is in bed and I just want to enjoy the silence with my husband.

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