Let’s Talk Turkey: Part I

Way back in January when we found out I was pregnant we decided that we were going to hijack Thanksgiving and make it a huge family affair, for both sides of our family. At the time we weren’t sure who would be able to make it out to Hawaii to meet newborn Stella. My parents had already planned an October trip so we knew they would, but it seemed pretty questionable that anyone else in our immediate families would be able to visit and we knew that we wanted them to get a chance to see her in early days. Plus, traveling with a two-month old seemed pretty easy. She wouldn’t be on a schedule yet and she’d still be basically sleeping all the time so it seemed like a perfect opportunity. So we planned a two-week trip to Portland and Seattle (for Wes’ annual work meeting) over Thanksgiving.

Spoiler alert: two weeks is a long time to be living out of a suitcase when you don’t have an infant with you. With an infant and I was ready to go home after a week.

We flew out the Friday before Thanksgiving, the day before Stella turned two months old. And she was a champ.

Happy Baby

Happy Baby

Not very comfortable

Not very comfortab

I tried nursing on take off and landing but I started too early on take off and she wasn’t too interested on landing. Luckily we didn’t have any ear issues. She was in and out of sleep for the first 4ish hours but by the 5th hour she was over the flight and the uncomfortable sleeping situation and just ready to be out of the plane and walking around again. There was a lot of crying the last hour and a half of the flight, with Wes bouncing her in the back galley and walking her up and down the aisle. Apparently a lot of women who used the bathroom offered to help. This became a them of our trip: women stopping to ooh and aah over our baby when Wes was holding her. Apparently there’s something about a man and a baby.

We had a few errands to run when we landed and then tried to have a calm evening and get Stella back on schedule (yeah, she was already on a schedule for this trip. Luckily, it’s only a two hour time difference so we were able to stick to it pretty easily throughout the trip.).

On Saturday we had some family photos done up at Wes’ sister’s house. Working with a two month old was a little trickier than with a newborn so we weren’t super stoked on our family photos. But floppy baby head aside, it was great to have our group photo taken.



We managed to get Sierra to hold onto Stella and the photos of these girls alone were worth it.




When we asked Sierra if she’d be comfortable holding onto Stella she replied with, “Sure” in her Boston accent (where it came from no one knows – it’s just that one word that she does it to) and then she could not smile because she was so concerned with not dropping Stella. My heart basically melted. I wish we’d thought about the photos enough to make sure we put her in a white diaper or even a pink one but it totally slipped our minds. Also, those socks are borrowed and they are huge. Our ruffled socks were back at Wes’ parents house, specifically packed for the pictures and then not used at all.

Stay tuned for the next installment, when Stella meets her Uncle Porter. And we celebrate a Bishop Christmas with many (good) tears and delicious food.





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