Let’s Talk Turkey Part III: In Which We Celebrate Christmas

Yes, we’re still talking about our trip to Portland and Seattle, even though we’ve officially been back in town longer than we were gone. Whatever.

My parents got into town the day before Thanksgiving and we all met for sushi at Saburo’s and stuffed ourselves with delicious fish. I haven’t had sushi since before I found out I was pregnant and I’ve been looking forward to this meal ever since we planned this trip. It’s that good.


After sushi my parents headed to their condo and we all stopped at Voodoo Donuts for some treats. In the seven years Wes and I have been together, I’ve never been to Voodoo. I keep hearing about it and when I asked Wes why he’d never taken me he told me he’d never been either. Clearly it was time to rectify that. The donuts were delicious, but it seems pretty hard to ruin glazed donuts and a maple bacon bars. The sprinkle one is for Coop (who needs send me the photos we took on her phone because mine was buys keeping Stella asleep) because maple bacon bars and a giant glazed donut just weren’t fancy enough for her.


We got to the condo just as the cleaning people were finishing up, which was a little awkward, especially since check-in time was approximately four hours earlier. At one point the woman said, “I’ll just be over here on my knees cleaning up the entry way”, at which point we all wanted to hide upstairs until she finished. She finally let just as I had finished feeding Stella and we were able to open presents.


Uncle Porter and Auntie Coop got some pretty sweet gifts for Stella (we draw names between adults but everyone buys for Stella).

Apparently we have a bowler on our hands. At least she’ll be a pro.


My parents got books for Stella that they could record themselves reading and I basically died when I went through my dad’s book. Women love babies, it’s expected, and men are more eh, whatever about them (also expected), so seeing my dad and brother so excited about and in love with Stella kills me. Every page made me cry a little bit harder. These books malfunctioned a bit so they were sent back and I’m still waiting for replacements because I can’t wait for Stella to be able to have her grandparents read her to sleep every night.


Even my brother was getting choked up at my dad’s book. We are a very sensitive family.


Bill Murray twinsies for Wes and Stella. My brother bought the onesie for Stella months ago and then found the matching shirt for Wes. I spent the first few days in Portland talking him out of having Stella wear hers so that they could wear them for the first time together (spoiler alert: they wore them to Thanksgiving).


My brother got a camera and then he and my dad started nerding out on camera talk.


Coop got a new electric toothbrush. Here she is showing us all how she’ll use two toothbrushes.


New shoes for my dad because when I tried to buy something camera related I realized that he’d already purchased everything there was to own.


I went a little crazy opening my package (new purse, wallet, water bottle). I’d like to blame it on the three sips of whiskey I had prior to this, but that’s not true. Sometimes being around my family just makes me act a little crazy.


Stella was less than impressed with the baskets my mom got for her bike. She prefers traveling by car seat and stroller, than you very much.


Stella went into debt to buy Christmas gifts for the family. She’s not happy about the money she owes her grandparents, but I think we all appreciate the ornaments she gave us.


After presents (ok, before we finished opening presents), Stella started to get fussy and my brother and dad were wrapped up in camera talk and Coop was brushing her teeth and my mom seemed to show little care for life if she wasn’t holding Stella so Wes and I headed back to his parents house. We didn’t have a lot of time to spend alone with my family, and this was easily the least Christmasy of all early Christmases we’ve celebrated but our family is all about Thanksgiving. We love the food and the time spent with family and friends. We focus on enjoying each others company and giving thanks for all that we have instead of worrying about the presents we get to open. And this year I had a lot to be thankful for.

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