New Year’s Eve

We had planned to stay in on New Year’s Eve because going out with a three month old didn’t sound like the best way to ring in the new year. But then our friends, who have a three week old, invited us to their house and knowing that it wouldn’t be a huge party we decided to go. They live in a near a group of hotels that paired up this year for a fireworks show.

We gave Stella her bath before we headed over and when we got there we were right on time to put her to bed. I nursed her and we set her up in the guest bedroom in her travel bassinet and she slept until we woke her up for the fireworks. Our hosts’ baby was similarly well-behaved and slept until his bath time at 11pm.

We actually celebrated at their house a couple of years ago and it was kind of funny to look back at that night compared to this night. In 2010 there were Jell-O shots and lost of beer and hard alcohol. This year there dinner and a bottle of wine and an awesomely horrible show on the Game Show Network called Baggage, and then a game of Gin Rummy that Wes thinks he won but we’ll never know because the baby woke up and needed a bath and to eat and even though he was ahead, we hadn’t reached the number we wanted to.

When we watched fireworks for NYE 2010 the beach was practically empty and there was hotel security telling us that fireworks were for “hotel guests only” as if we could actually ignore fireworks while sitting on a public beach. This year the beach was packed. Disney moved in and seemed to want to take the night to the next level. The fireworks show was amazing (I love fireworks) but having to deal with the crowd (and the smoking! It’s 2013, why are people still smoking?!) was kind of a bummer.

But totally worth it to watch Stella see fireworks for the first time. She loved the colors against the black sky and watched them intently the entire time. Wes spent the show making sure her ears were covered because some of those booms were really loud, and she held my finger throughout the entire thing and it was basically the best way to start 2013, sorry all you non-parents with the drinking and such. This was way better.


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