The Best

A few days ago I was ready to write off 2013. Just crawl into bed and come out in 2014. The Friday after Christmas I irritated my eye so badly that I had to go to urgent care Saturday morning where I learned that I had scratched  my cornea. My right eye was ridiculously light-sensitive and I basically couldn’t look straight out for over a week. I finally went to my eye doctor when it was obvious my eye wasn’t healing as it should have (according to the urgent care doctor), where I learned that the scratches had healed (yay!), but now my pupil was spasming as a sort of defense mechanism against whatever I had gotten in my eye. He dilated my eye to hopefully “reset” it and it started to feel better. But Wednesday, when Wes was back at work and I had to venture out of the house my eye started watering again and it was pretty clear (ha!) that I shouldn’t be driving. So back to the eye doctor again. Yes, it was getting better, just not completely better. So more eye drops to put in four times a day and told me that maybe I’d just have to deal with being a little more light-sensitive for the rest of my life.

Luckily, the drops started working and I could see again. I could watch television and read a book and, most importantly, focus on my daughter. So, of course, just as my eye starts to feel better I developed a plugged milk duct. And holy heck did that hurt. This came after, I should mention, Stella didn’t poop for three days and then unloaded while sitting on Wes’ lap. “Oh, that sounded bad. You should check her leg holes to make sure it’s not leaking,” I said from the kitchen where I could hear her pooping! He did not because it didn’t sound that bad (beware: the worst ones are the ones you can’t feel!) and when he went to stand up and change her he stuck his hand in a pile full of poop. I wanted so badly to take a picture but I thought better of it and just picked Stella up and marched her straight up stairs to prepare for her bath.  And then she must have felt empty because she was up every three hours to eat. Good for plugged milk duct (mostly gone by morning!) bad for my mood.

So, yeah, I was ready for 2013 to be over. To have a do-over. My eye messed everything up and so my goals/resolutions sat untouched while I just plain sat.

And then yesterday something great happened! Yesterday, after weeks of being thisclose, Stella rolled from her back to her belly! And it really was the best thing ever (though I know in a few weeks or days something else will replace this and each time she reaches some new milestone I’ll have to update it. But right now, this is it). She grunted around on her belly a few times before fussing to be flipped over (she still hasn’t mastered, or even accidentally hit, rolling from belly to back). Today she did it two more times and each time there was a moment of “Fuck yeah! I am awesome!” followed by the cries of “What the hell am I doing on my tummy and how can I change this?”

I’m so excited for all the new changes. But also a little bummed that I can just pop her on the bed while I pee.

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