Home Alone

Wes left for a work trip on Sunday evening and, yes, I did start to cry as he walked out the door. A little bit anxious at being the sole provider of food and entertainment for a baby and a very attention-demanding dog. But here we are on Thursday and Wes should be home by 5pm and we have all survived. I have not once wanted to shove Tsunami out the front door and hope she gets hit by a car to save me from having to deal with her craziness. I haven’t had to set Stella in her crib and just walk away for a minute while she cries because it was getting too tough. To be honest, the last three days have actually been easier than most days with Wes gone just to work. Possibly because I know he’s not coming home and if I lose my shit at 2pm then we’re all fucked.

Also, we have the world’s best baby. Just after our trip to the mainland she started waking up at night to eat. Sometimes it was only once, sometimes it was three times; sometimes she’d go until 4am, sometimes she’d start at 11pm. I know it wasn’t as bad as a lot of new parents have to deal with, but it sucked. After having a baby sleep for 10+ hours it was hard to get used to the random wakings. But the first night Wes was gone she flipped herself over twice – at 11pm and 1am – both times I only had to put her back on her back, pop the pacifier in her mouth and she was right back asleep until 6:30. The next night she flipped over at 11 but then stayed asleep until 6am (Tsunami, though, was so excited about a dog date the night before that she woke me up at 4am and, okay, at that point I may have been ready to hurt her). The last two nights, though, she’s slept straight through from 7pm to 6 or 6:30.

When I told Wes that she’d been sleeping through the night he said that’s because he’d had a talk with her. And what I want to know is why he didn’t feel the need to have this talk with her a month ago! I’m just crossing my fingers that she’ll continue sleeping through the night and not revert to her old ways once Wes gets home.


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