Four Months

Yesterday Stella turned four months old and let’s just insert every packaged phrase about time flying and babies growing in the blink of an eye because it’s all true. I look at smaller babies and I already can barely remember Stella ever being that small and newborn.



It seemed like for the first month or so Stella barely opened her eyes. She had a lot of sleeping to do, apparently. Now she’s alert and awake, eyes open and taking everything in. Yesterday at her four-month check up she just looked around the room while waiting for the doctor. There was so much to look at and she wanted to see it all.

DSC_4713 DSC_4714


We had a rough go of her third month with sleeping, though I think a lot of other parents are laughing at what I think is rough. She would wake up once or twice a night and either Wes or I would pop her pacifier back in and she’d go back to sleep; or I would get up and feed her and then she’d go back to sleep until between 6 and 7. I thought that would last until 5 months when we decided we would start sleep training her, but Sunday night when Wes left she dropped that night feeding and by Tuesday night she was sleeping through the night without so much as a peep.

Yes, I know we got incredibly lucky with this baby. So lucky that I’m tempted to stop here just so I don’t have to deal with a baby who might possibly hate sleep.

On Tuesday morning she rolled from her belly to her back, after over a week of trying and getting super mad when she couldn’t do it. In our laps she likes to stand up and survey the room and I like to tell her she’s the queen of the room or that all of this will one day be hers. Someday she’ll understand those references and look at me and shake her head, embarrassed, no doubt, but for now she smiles.



When I take her from her crib in the mornings she is all smiles and coos. She “talks” a lot these days and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing the sounds that come out of her mouth, or the smile that follows when I answer her.



She’s starting to grab things and I surround her with toys light enough for her to grab and bring to her mouth. She’s found her fist and is constantly sucking on any combination of fingers. We got a video monitor for Christmas and at night I can see her bring her fingers to her mouth to get back to sleep. It’s a relief that she’s able to comfort herself but also a little bit sad that my baby already doesn’t need me for everything.



The last few weeks she’s begun to hold onto our arms when we carry her, and snuggle her face into our chests and I’m not sure there’s anything better than a baby who can snuggle. Who knows you and loves you and just wants to be on  you, even if sometimes all you want is for her to nap in her crib. I know she won’t always want to take a nap on me so sometimes I just give in and let it happen.



She’s starting to watch as Wes and I eat and our pediatrician gave us the green light to start solids when we felt she was ready. After watching our friend feed her baby, I’m so excited for this. To see Stella’s reaction to new foods. But just like watching her comfort herself I know it will be hard to watch as she grows less and less dependent on me.

Right now, though, I’m her world. I wake her up in the morning and put her to sleep at night. I feed her and play with her and comfort her. I’ll soak up as much as I can of this age and enjoy every smile she gives me because it really does fly by.


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