We had a birthday party to go to this weekend at the beach. Our pediatrician said sunscreen was fine at four months. Now, Stella has pretty sensitive skin so we’ve been a little worried about finding a sunscreen that wouldn’t irritate her skin even more. Right now we’ve just been using coconut oil as lotion because the Aveeno eczema that our pediatrician recommended we use stung her so much that she screamed every time it came in contact with her skin. Same thing with Johnson and Johnson’s baby lotion. Not wanting to buy another bottle of lotion that was only going to make Stella scream I grabbed a jar of coconut oil from the kitchen and within an hour of putting it on her her skin was no longer red and splotchy and it doesn’t make her scream out in pain.

So, yes, I’ve been worried about sunscreen. I told Wes it was probably going to get expensive as we tried out new products. We had Aveeno baby and Neutrogena baby in our cupboard from when Wes’ family was her. Our niece also has sensitive skin and the Aveeno didn’t work for her but the Neutrogena did so I was hopeful. We put a little on her back (per pediatrician’s orders) and when that didn’t get irritated we decided that it would be fine for the day at the beach.

Spoiler alert: we were wrong.

Within minutes of putting it on her she started to scream. And this baby, except for a few rough weeks in her second month (and the above mentioned lotion fiascos), does not scream. She’s generally a pretty happy baby. So she’s screaming and Wes and I are still applying sunscreen to her because we are idiots and can’t put two and two together until after we have covered her in this sunscreen that is clearly causing her pain. It took us close to half an hour to calm her down.



No, we didn’t make it into the ocean because after all the trauma of sunscreen we didn’t think it would be fair to dip her in cold water. Plus, it was a little rough in the ocean. We’ll keep working on finding sunscreen because she has some adorable swim suits and sunglasses and hats and it’s not fair to deprive everyone of those photos.


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