Scenes From a Tuesday Night

Usually when Wes gets home from work it’s one big scramble until we get Stella ready for bed around 7. The dog needs to be exercised and dinner needs to be made and Stella needs to be entertained or forced to sleep and I just need to sit down and take a break. I try to let Wes play with Stella because there’s not a lot of time between him getting home and her bath for them to spend time with each other. Some days he gets a few minutes before she starts screaming to let us know that she’s been awake way too long, so we get her to sleep and eat dinner and then all too soon it’s time for her bed time routine and Wes has had maybe 30 minutes with her.

Tuesday, though, everything lined up perfectly and we got to eat and she got to take a nap and then we all got to spend nearly an hour playing on the floor. And it was great.

DSC_4852 DSC_4851

She likes to pulled from her back to a standing position these days and the look on her face when she finally makes it upright is amazing. She’s so excited at what she just accomplished and lets out this little squeal that I think is a pre-cursor to a laugh. Any time she seems grumpy while playing on the blanket we grab her hands and say, “Ready?” and she gets her body ready to stand up. Every once in a while she’ll lean into us when she stands and it just reaffirms that there is nothing better than a snuggling baby.


We spent the better part of the hour before bed pulling her up and then lifting her over us, which she usually also loves but at some point she found her fist and was like, this is all I’ll ever need.

DSC_4877 DSC_4875 DSC_4879

You can actually see the slobber on her face and hand in that last photo. There’s so much of it these days!

Tsunami was, for once, not crazy with energy or trying to get our attention to play fetch. She chewed on her antler and then was kind enough to pose with Stella for some photos, not doubt hoping to help clean up some of the drool that covers Stella.

DSC_4870 DSC_4896

Last night I made sure that she had her last nap and that we had some family play time before bed. Of course she flipped from her belly to her back while Wes was doing the dishes. She clearly is not ready to debut her new trick for anyone but me and Tsunami yet. I’m trying my hardest to make sure that we can always have that hour or so before bed to spend some quality time as a family instead of rushing through dog exercise/dinner making/Stella entertaining. I get all day with Stella, but it’s nice for Wes to get more quality time with her as well. And this is what I want to remember; not rushing through our evenings.

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