Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin

Last week Stella started to roll over. I mean, she’s known how to do this for over a month or so. First back to belly and then belly to back. But she didn’t do it very often, preferring to freak the fuck out when she found herself on her belly. I would give her a few minutes to try to figure it out; sometimes she would and sometimes I would have to flip her back over. But last Wednesday she started rolling back and forth with ease, like, Oh, this? No big deal. Except it is a Big Deal. I put her on her blanket with a bunch of toys while I get breakfast ready and coffee made and within minutes she’s rolled herself off and is dangerously close to shoving Tsunami’s dog bone in her mouth. Or she’s on the linoleum and is dangerously close to slamming her head down in frustration of being on her belly.

She spends more time on her belly now, though, than she ever has before. Propped up on her elbows looking at the world around her. She grabs the toys within arms reach and sometimes manages to roll herself in the direction she actually wants to go. Her frustation now comes from not being able to get to the things directly in front of her. Of being so close to something she wants but not knowing how to make it those last few inches. As with everything, I know this will move quickly. One day she won’t know how to get up on her hands and knees and the next she’ll be crawling out the dog door to hunt geckos with Tsunami.

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