Evolution of A Sleeping Baby

Stella is now five months and two weeks old, though Baby Center emails are trying to tell me three weeks because I guess I never updated her actual birthday. Anyway, five months two weeks old. My baby who, for most of the first three weeks, barely opened her eyes is now awake an awful lot. Smiling and sitting up and laughing and rolling over and putting everything (including whatever piece of the dog she can get her hands on) in her mouth. She is incredibly cute and alert and even though there are moments when I look forward to nap time and the freedom it gives me, I still love when she snuggles up under my chin for a little nap. That will never ever get old and I know that when she’s in her teens and acting crazy I’ll need the memory of snuggling her to sleep to get me through the day. So I’ve taken a lot of pictures of her asleep. In her carseat and in her crib and in her rock n’ play and in my arms and on her dad. Wes and I keep telling each other that Stella really never looked like a newborn, that she was mostly always like she is now, but looking through the photos it’s clear that we’re both liars. She was a newborn and she did look like one: wrinkly and baby-acned, we just watched her change so quickly that we don’t remember. I made a whole set on Flickr, if you’re interested in seeing the many many photos I’ve taken of just a sleeping Stella (okay, there’s one with her eyes open but it’s either right before she fell asleep or right after she woke up and I had to include it), but here are a few of my favorites from the past five months. She starts out with no pacifier, and then right around Thanksgiving she started taking it, but the last photo in here with it might be the last time that she actually took it. Now she’s on to sucking her two middle fingers like a little rock star. I think we’re both glad that she gave up the pacifier on her own, but now we’re worried that she’ll suck her fingers until she’s 8.

IMG_1879 IMG_1889 IMG_1899 IMG_1992 IMG_2013 IMG_2072 IMG_2128 IMG_2167 IMG_2203 IMG_2305 IMG_2326 IMG_2364 IMG_2450 IMG_2512 IMG_2590 IMG_2595 IMG_2602 IMG_2616 IMG_2771 IMG_2799 IMG_2873 IMG_2899

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