Sunday Means Football

Wes joined a flag football team with a few guys from his work and on Sundays we all pile in the car to cheer him on. I went when I was still pregnant with Stella and a few people hadn’t seen me since then so it’s always great to see the look on their faces when they realize that we now have a nearly seven-month old baby.


The first few games were cancelled due to rain and then one was cancelled because the opposing team forfeited the season so we haven’t had too many opportunities to cheer Wes on. But we do have some pretty sweet gear to help motivate the team. Well, Stella does, anyway. I think I might look a little silly in these leggings.  I ordered these from one of those websites that has all the deals for baby clothes. These were sold as boys baby legs but I bought them anyway because fuck that. Girls can like football and can totally rock them. I also snagged a pair that were bookworm leggings with science and math books. Also for boys, which just makes me angry.


There was a double header last weekend so Wes got some snuggles with Stella after the first game. He tweaked his hamstring during the first game and sat out the second game to make sure that there wasn’t a repeat of last session when he pulled it on the very first play of the very first game and then came back too early and ended up missing most of the games. Getting old is the pits. So while I was on the phone telling a pregnant friend what she should register for Wes and Stella cheered the team on. She fell asleep for most of the game and when one of his coworkers who was there to watch the game said she would take Stella if his arm was getting tired he told her he was fine and that this sort of snuggling is usually reserved for me so he’d enjoy it while he could.


Said coworker took most of these photos with her fisheye lens on her phone and I’m in love with them all. Stella’s really into whatever you’re holding, which is usually some piece of technology (phone, ipad, remote control) and she’s always trying to get her hands on them. Perfect for taking photos of her because she immediately turns to it.

Yeah, you read that right. I was born awesome. 

You got a problem with that?


When we were driving home on Sunday Wes put his hand on my knee and thanked me for coming out to the games, like it’s something that I have to force myself to do every week. I admit that sometimes it’s not the most entertaining or it’s hot or cold or raining or any number of things. But I also know that he’s woken up at 3:30 in the morning to come support me in my races when I’m sure he’d rather be in bed. That’s just what you do. I support him, he supports me. I want Stella to see that her family is supportive. When I was pregnant I remember telling Wes that if we joined the gym with the daycare I might use it to drop Stella off and enjoy an hour at the pool by myself just to have a break and he looked at me and said, “No you won’t.” At first I was really mad that he’d deny me that because he didn’t want our daughter in daycare. But what he meant is that I wouldn’t be doing this alone and would hopefully not feel the need to have to get away from our child. And he was right. He’s incredibly helpful with everything, from dinner to laundry to diapers and the dog. We like to do things together as a family. Especially if it means wearing adorable football leg warmers and showing off our adorable baby.

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