This is how we start the day

The downside to not working, if there is one at all, is coming up with reasons to get dressed. Other than  I probably should get dressed, which is usually my only reason. Last week I put running on the back burner to try out 30 Day Shred because, while I’m well below pre-pregnancy weight, there are still some areas that could use some toning. The first time I’d tried the DVD was about five weeks after Stella was born and it kicked my ass so much that I stopped doing it because holding Stella and being able to walk up the stairs were way more important than toning my arms and legs. I assumed there would still be that level of ass-kickiness but 6 months of carrying a baby around has actually been pretty good for my arms and legs. The whole thing, starting with Jilian’s spiel about why she’s doing this, is less than 30 minutes long so I can complete it and shower while Stella naps. The downside is that I can do it from the comfort of my living room so why leave the house at all if we don’t need to? Here’s why: because after a week – okay, fine, three days – of just sitting at home with a baby and leaving the house only to check the mail makes me a little crazy. Wes says he can see the crazy anger in my eyes when he gets home. Frustration and boredom is more like it, but still, not the welcome he’d like to receive upon returning home to his family.

Crazy eyes are genetic

Crazy eyes are genetic

In the past, we’d head to Ko Olina to go running after I finished breakfast and be home in time for Stella’s second breakfast and nap. I’d be able to shower and get maybe do some chores or just sit in silence and read a book. But because I’ve been working out at home we spend a lot of day on the living room floor. There’s squealing and grabbing of toys and trying to keep Tsunami’s tongue out of Stella’s mouth and Stella’s mouth off of Tsunami’s fur and collar. We watch a little day time television (which is the absolute worst) and read some stories. And take many many phone pictures to try and entertain Stella. Okay, fine, to entertain me. She’s got plenty of toys at her disposal and a mom who mimics her sounds and raspberries her all over. She’s plenty entertained.

So close

So close

We eat little lunch, which is quite the production since Stella started solid foods. She’s the messiest eater ever. She hasn’t quite figured out that you can ingest food without sucking it in so she’s constantly pulling the spoon into her mouth and sucking the food off of it, or, if I can sneak the spoon in without her help, she immediately pulls her two middle fingers in and starts sucking. Food gets everywhere and though I try to keep things as clean as possible, it’s a constant struggle. The bib below is really the only one that helps (thanks Cooper!) but we only have two of them and they clearly need to be washed after each meal so most of the time she just goes without clothing.



Do you see what I mean? Two ounces of prunes and at least a quarter of that ends up on her.



After lunch sometimes she’ll take a nap in her crib and sometimes she’ll be ready to play for a little bit longer. So there’s more time on the floor, surrounded by toys and frantically looking at the clock to see how long until Wes gets home. 

Piano (wo)man

Piano (wo)man

By four o’clock we both feel like this:

Where's Dad?!

Where’s Dad?!

Listen, I love staying at home with Stella. I love that we have the option of me not working. I love playing with her and taking pictures of her and echoing back all her various sounds (and there are a lot of them these days). I love that I get to see her grow and change and accomplish new things. But a week straight in the house with a crazy dog and a six and a half month old? I think that’s trying for anyone. And after the first day of not doing something it’s so easy to just fall into a rut of staying in and getting cabin fever and not being your best self. And I want to be my best self, not only for me but for my daughter as well. So tomorrow it’s back to Ko ‘Olina for running in the morning. And grocery shopping and, probably, a trip or two to Target. I might end up spending a few more dollars in the week but I think that everyone in this household would agree that it’s better than the Shining-like behavior I exhibit when I don’t leave the house.

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