Seven Months: Stella

Stella turned seven months old yesterday and even though she hasn’t hit any major milestones – still toothless, still not walking or crawling – she is growing at a rate I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable with. She’s figured out how to roll around the living room to get what she wants. Like Tsunami’s toys, or just a little taste of the sliding glass door.


We ate a lot of food this month. Well, Stella ate a lot of food. We’re trying out everything. She started out pretty disinterested in any solids put before her and even the few things she did like (papaya, prunes, bananas) had to be forced into her mouth a few times before she would remember that she like eating them. She’s gotten a little bit better about eating without having to shover her fingers in her mouth or help with the spoon. She still ends up with food in her hair and various on parts of her body, but we’ve only had to take her straight to the bathtub one night.

She’s starting to giggle more when we make funny sounds. She’s so chatty lately and sometimes makes a high pitched scream that threatens to turn into crying but if I can match the scream she just looks at me and smiles. She loves when Wes raspberries her stomach and that’s when we hear her laugh clearly. I must be doing raspberries wrong because I can only ever get a squeal from her.


We started putting her in her little bathtub unsupported and though it’s a little harder to wash and rinse her I love seeing her gain more and more control of her body. We’ve been helping her stand up for a few months and now when she wants something she’ll turn to me and reach for my hands because she knows that once she stands up she can take a few steps in the direction of a toy, or just turn ninety degrees and plop her butt down in a new spot. I love that she knows enough to do that but I can’t wait for her to get crawling.


She is incredibly friendly with everyone and always has a smile. Sometimes she’ll look at me before smiling to make sure the person is okay but once I give the go ahead she is happy to show off her smile. We get stopped often by people telling us how adorable she is and even though I know that happens to a lot of babies and is more indicative of what type of personality the complimentor has, I choose to believe it’s because she’s the most adorable (adoptable) baby ever.


She still has her dad’s blue eyes and even though we both know they can change at any time in the next few years, we’re both hoping they stay this color. Even if it means she gets complimented most on the one thing that isn’t all me!


She mostly sleeps through the night, with the exception of this last week when she’s taken to waking up at 430am for her first breakfast. But she’s still very happy even at that hour. She just talks to herself and stares up to her mobile until I come into feed her and then it’s back to sleep for another hour or so.



At nap times she’s started putting herself to sleep after a few minutes of talking to herself and this makes me so happy that she’s figured this out. It means less crying in her crib and will make life easier when she really starts eating and her teeth come in and we have to brush them before going to sleep.



I think I can feel a tooth coming in and see the bump, but Wes thinks I’m making things up. She’s started grabbing for everything on our plates and I can’t wait to feed her some real solid food. Even if it means that we’ll start tapering off on nursing, which I thought I would hate but turn out to love (and not just because it’s helped get me back to pre-pregnancy weight).



Her hair is starting to lighten up a little, as though we’ve been putting Sun In before we head outside. It’s getting longer but not thicker so sometimes we give her a mohawk in the bathtub.


Sometimes while we’re sitting on the couch and Stella is sleeping on my chest I’ll turn to Wes and just say, “This baby. How did we get so lucky?” Sure there was that time between weeks four and eight where she screamed for four hours, but at  8pm she’d sleep for 12 hours straight so we were willing to put up with it. But now there’s not much that we have to endure. She’s a happy baby who doesn’t mind being held by strangers. She still only cries when she’s tired or hungry. She smiles when Wes or I or even Tsunami walks in the room and she’s starting to understand what a kiss is, which, unfortunately, involves a lot of slobber on her end. 


As much as I want to bottle her up and keep her at this age for ever, watching her grow has been amazing and it’s gotten me so excited to see how she’ll keep growing and who she’ll become.

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