Mothers and Daughters

My mom came in for a visit a few weeks ago because she found tickets she couldn’t pass up. It was supposed to be a fairly relaxing trip but she brought a friend who had never been to Hawaii before so we packed a lot into our mornings so that she could see all the sights Oahu has to offer. And then we relaxed in the afternoon. Stella was a rockstar, as usual, for their entire trip. She impressed my mom’s friend, who I think is pretty brave for deciding to take a vacation with an infant. I mean, I’m sure my mom has been bragging about her non-stop, but you can’t always trust grandmas (unless it’s Stella’s grandma, and then you can trust her because every awesome thing she has to say about her is absolutely true).

IMG_0252 IMG_0253 DSC_5930

They arrived Mother’s Day afternoon and we were late to the airport because Wes’ flag football game erupted into a fight over some maybe too-aggressive flag-grabbing. Our players mostly tried to break up the fight, but the other team almost immediately stormed the field and started throwing punches. One guy actually pulled off his shirt and hit one of our guys from behind. Probably the biggest player on our team, too, which didn’t make sense. He ended up with a black eye but nothing too serious. The ref, though, suffered a fracture to his skull, a minor one but still. It’s flag football, dudes, chill out. Anyway, they arrived and were able to walk through the entire airport before we were able to get them. Then we rushed home to change and have an early dinner. We were all set for dessert when Wes picked Stella up to change her and we realized that there was a poopsplosion! Not only all over Stella, but the highchair and Wes as well.  He rushed off to change her while we got our desserts to go and when we got to the car Wes was shirtless and Stella was in a diaper only and it was clear that we needed to get home for a serious bath time. I love the cloth diapers, but if they’ve already soaked up their share of pee, poop just doesn’t stand a chance! When we got home that giant balloon was waiting on the doorstep from our neighbors. Tsunami wasn’t too happy about having to share space with such a large balloon but I loved it. IMG_0256 IMG_0287 IMG_0290

Monday morning we hiked Diamond Head, which I haven’t done since my parents’ first visit in 2010. Since then they added a second approach to the top, which certainly helps when hauling a 17 pound child on your back. The above picture is to document that woman in black telling me how awesome I am for carrying Stella up. She said her husband was sitting below on a bench with her purse because he just couldn’t deal with all the stairs.

Tuesday my mom and her friend toured Pearl Harbor, which I thought would maybe not be fun with Stella, who really likes to be on the ground and grabs at everything. When they got back we headed to the beach but forgot to charge the waterproof camera so you’ll just have to imagine it. My mom was able to play with Stella in the ocean, something she missed out on last trip because it rained so hard the water was disgusting.


Wednesday we picked up extra batteries and chargers for cameras because both of these ladies forgot their chargers. After that we had some malasadas and I managed to finally get a picture of us after just holding the phone for way too long and then realizing that I hadn’t pushed the button. We were all having camera issues, apparently. While we were at the outlets we decided to do a little shopping and I was thisclose to buying mirrored aviator Ray Bans but then I looked at the price and holy hell, $200? No thank you.

IMG_3475 IMG_0366

Thursday afternoon we headed to the North Shore where we had delicious Thai food and then walked through Haleiwa. More souvenirs for my mom and her friend while Stella and I just looked at everything. After that, Turtle Beach where there happened to be two turtles on shore. Stella was more interested in the waves and the kids playing in the water than the turtle, though. I guess they just weren’t busy enough for her.


Friday we went into Waikiki. The south shore waves were so big that police were out just shouting to the world that they should stay out of the water. We had brought our beach gear just in case, but one look at the waves told us we wouldn’t be needing it. We had lunch on the beach and tried to give Stella avocado but she is still not at all interested in it. The pickle, though? She loved it.  



Friday night the three of us headed out for a drink and dessert at Roy’s to finish the week. Wes came down with a cold Monday evening and was basically dead for most of the week. I guess it was nice that it happened while I had two great women to help me out but it was also a bummer that he didn’t get to do anything fun with us. By Friday evening he was feeling better so we decided to get fancy and get out of the house. We all had Roy’s signature pineapple martini but agreed that we chose a little poorly because they were so strong, which I don’t remember from the last time I had one but my tolerance has gone down quite a bit since then. They left early Saturday morning and the next time my mom sees her granddaughter she’ll probably be walking and talking (at least mama and dada, I hope). Good thing we have FaceTime!

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