Monday Morning Snuggles

Yesterday Stella woke up before Wes left for work so he got her up and changed and then brought her to me in bed. I don’t usually nurse her in bed because who knows when Tsunami will run down stairs and demand to be let outside and I’d just rather not deal with that. But Tsunami had already been let out and I didn’t have my contacts in and so nursing Stella while snuggling in bed just seemed like the best way to start a Monday morning.

I was right. Yes, we’re still nursing and for something that started out as awful, I’m surprisingly attached to it. I love the time we get together, especially now that she snuggles up less and less.
And who wouldn’t want to snuggle this face as much as possible?
It’s also becoming nearly impossible to take any candid photos of this kid. It’s like she can sense when I have the the phone out and she will turn straight to it.
IMG_3588 IMG_3589
Or climb towards it. Nothing will get in her way and everything is a climbing block.
IMG_3590IMG_3591 IMG_3592 IMG_3593 IMG_3594IMG_3595
Including Mama’s face. Moments later she spit up on me and looked a little too happy about.
And then she crawled off to try and get the monitor on my nightstand. No matter that there’s a three inch gap between her and it, she just reaches. Confident that her mama will catch her if she stumbles.

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