Dad’s Week

Hey, let’s hear it for the dads! Particularly Stella’s (though both her grandfathers are pretty amazing, too).


If I’m being totally honest, I was a little unsure of how interactive Wes would be with our children. He’s not what you would call a “kid person”. In fact, I think the first time I saw him reach for a baby that wasn’t related to him was the day I told him I was pregnant.


Cut to present day where one of his favorite things to do is copy Stella’s pose or facial expressions before I snap a photo.


Obviously all he needed to become a “kid person” was a child of his own. He’s a fantastic father, as pretty much every stranger we encounter likes to point out.


The first few months are a little rough for dads, particularly breast-fed babies because moms do everything for them. Stella didn’t care how many dirty diapers her dad changed (and he changed, oh, 85%(it would have been 100% but my mom came into town to help out) of them in the beginning), when she was hungry I was the only one who could feed her and when she was sad I was the only one she wanted.


But babies, of course, grow and change. And though she still doesn’t snuggle up to Wes like she does with me, her face lights up when he enters the room.


A few days ago Wes came home during the day to drop off fresh mangoes and she immediately started flapping her arms in excitement. As soon as he walked into the kitchen she started crawling down the hallway to get to him.


After bath time we hang out in Stella’s room getting her fully ready for bed and on the nights she’s not too tired and cranky Wes likes to sing to her. It’s a little sad that Stella’s interest in books is limited to how they taste, but I do love watching him sing to her and pull her up for a little dance.


Next month we’re visiting Wes’ family and I’ll be spending a weekend at one of my best friend’s bachelorette party. Wes will be solo parenting (but with the help of grandparents) and I’m a little afraid that Stella will realize that I’m not her entire world; that her dad can do everything I do and maybe a little more since you always do more fun things on vacation.


Oh, who am I kidding. That’s exactly what I’m expecting because her dad is amazing and has so many plans to show Stella not only his home town, but the whole world. She is one lucky kid.

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