I was making dinner when Wes called me into the living room. “You’re probably going to want your camera,” he added. So I snuck in and saw this:

20130612-075953.jpg 20130612-075927.jpg 20130612-080008.jpg

Are you kidding me with the cuteness? She was just sitting on him like he was a recliner, arms propped on his thighs while he brushed her hair. Obviously me wielding a large camera broke up the moment a little bit, but not enough for Stella to to crawl away. 

DSC_6534 DSC_6535 DSC_6536 DSC_6537 DSC_6538

Wes had some trouble standing up from that position, but I think we can all agree that a little discomfort is worth being able to brush your baby’s hair while she sits in your lap.



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