Father’s Day

Mother’s Day was a crazy busy day and even though Stella slept until 7:30, there wasn’t a lot of time to just sit back and relax because of all that happened that day (all fun things, let’s not forget, but a busy day). Father’s Day, though, we had nothing planned. Flag football had ended, no visitors in town, and no errands to run or projects to complete. When I asked Wes what he wanted to do he said he just wanted to relax. So that was the plan for Sunday. Relaxing. Unfortunately, relaxing with a baby is not so much relaxing as it is exhausting. By noon we were both dragging and Wes said, “Let’s get out of the house.” So we packed up Stella and headed to Ko Olina.


Wes was in charge of getting her dressed so he picked out a shirt with “MY DADDY MAKES ME SMILE” printed on the front. His mom sent that to her a few months ago but it’s been hiding at the bottom of the drawer because it’s a 12 month shirt. It barely fit over her 85th percentile head, though. She’s also wearing LeBron James’ shoes, even though we both dislike LeBron. The shoes are adorable and her wearing them didn’t seem to help Miami. She didn’t wear them today and Miami. Coincidence?


One of the hotels in Ko Olina has koi in their entrance so we stopped there first. Wes’ neighbors have a koi pond and he was taught a trick about them: if you splash your finger around a bit they’ll try to eat it, which is really just a strong suck.


Stella can’t get them to try to eat her fingers yet, but she’s old enough to enjoy watching them move. She loves things in action and swimming koi were no exception.


Wes bought a few pairs of Nikes last summer and we both thought that she’d be walking by the time she fit any of them. She’s already outgrown one pair and it’s looking like she’ll outgrow these before she takes her first unassisted step.


At the back of the hotel there are more fish and giant sting rays. Wes set her on the edge and let her watch all the fish swarming around and she loved it. DSC_6558 DSC_6566 DSC_6568

After the fish watching we walked around the lagoons while discussing how amazing our baby is. We can’t be the only parents who sit around talking about how our baby is the best baby ever (even if we are the only parents who are correct when saying that). After the lagoons we stopped for lunch. We sat on the patio and even though she is always on the go, we were able to enjoy lunch without her trying to worm her way out of the highchair. Being outside with lots of trees blowing in the wind, trains passing by, and birds trying to steal food certainly kept her occupied. And also this spoon. There is a string of toys in her lap, but all she wanted was the spoon.


Our favorite beer, Rogue Hazel Nutbrown Ale, was on tap, which made us grateful that we didn’t stop at one of the beachside hotel restaurants.


After we ate there was a lot of this:
DSC_6591 DSC_6602

On Saturday I had to pick up a few things at the grocery store so I snuck over to Baskin Robbins to pick up an ice cream cake in mint chocolate chip because it’s one of Wes’ favorite desserts. I snuck it in the house while he was playing with Tusnami. Typical Wes-ruins-a-surprise fashion, though, Wes ruined the surprise by opening the freezer. When asked why he opened the freezer he admitted there was no reason. He just randomly opened the freezer and discovered the cake. I still made him wait until Sunday to eat it, though.


Up until this point Stella hadn’t really had any sweets but we decided that she could have a little bit of the ice cream. Just looking at it, she could it was something she wanted. Tsunami also wanted to get a taste but we have a strict no human food for dogs rule in this house (unless it falls on the floor and we just can’t be bothered to pick it up).

Wes gave her a few bites, which she happily ate. But, listen, she licks the dog, so I’m not sure she really knows what her taste buds want at this point. I still have many years to show her how much better peanut butter and chocolate is than mint chocolate.
DSC_6614 DSC_6615 DSC_6616 DSC_6617After we put Stella to sleep we finally got to sit down, tired but happy after a day out of the house. Yes, we could have stayed in, but being able to get out and experience something new with Stella was a lot less stressful than trying to entertain her with the same old toys. This girl is an explorer and we want to help her discover the world.

Happy Father’s Day to an amazing father.



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2 responses to “Father’s Day

  1. I agree, peanut butter and chocolate is better than mint chocolate. I’ve never been a mint chocolate fan. Also, Stella’s hair is getting lighter!

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