Ten Months: Stella

Stella turned ten months old last Wednesday but chasing after a 10-month is exhausting and by the end of the day I’m pretty much wiped out. Clearly, so is she. She’s still in the process of getting down to one nap a day but she hasn’t quite figured out when the best time for that is.


So what’s new this month? Her third tooth popped through on Tuesday night, or maybe earlier, who knows. But Tuesday night at bath time was when I felt it. You still can’t see it, but it’s there and its mirror image is fighting to get out as well. Her two top middle teeth don’t seem to be close to coming out, so she’s going to look like  little hobo baby with those missing and the two flanking them showing.


We were in Vancouver and Portland over the Fourth of July weekend so Stella got to see all of Wes’ family. The last time she saw them was in November so it was nice to see her be able to interact with her cousins and grandparents and aunts and uncles. They all love her, of course (how could you not), and watching her with the entire family made me wish (as I often do) that we lived closer to our families. Maybe not around the corner, but at least close enough to make a long weekend trip to see them.

The flights were ridiculously easy because Stella is a ridiculously easy baby.  Once we got there we had a little adjustment period where she was super clingy to me and Wes and she would cry when either of use would leave the room. She usually doesn’t cry for Wes so even though it was exhausting to have such a needy baby, I loved to see her take more comfort in her Dad.


She’s crawling all over the place these days. At Grandma & Grandpa Renton’s she learned how to crawl up the stairs with a little help from her mama and by the time we make it to Grandma & Grandpa Bishop’s in September she’ll be able to cruise up their stairs with no help at all. She’s constantly testing what she can and can’t do. For a few weeks there I was able to block the hallway with Tsunami’s dog bed but she quickly learned how to hoist herself up there. I expect some day soon to find her asleep on there and I just hope that Tsunami is snuggled up there too.


She’s eating like a champ these days. Whatever I put in front of her she’ll try, pureed veggies being the exception. But who can blame her? I tried the peas and wanted to vomit. Fruit is still her favorite, but bread is coming in at close second. Anything that I’m eating, she wants to try. Baby food is a tough sell these days, as she would prefer to have finger foods.


She loves Tsunami and all other animals. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing. While visiting some friends in Vancouver, their cat took a little swipe at Stella. She was momentarily surprised but then went right back to trying to pet it. We’re going to have our work cut out for us trying to teach her the difference between Tsunami and every other animal she encounters.

DSC_7127I like to think that Wes & I should get some credit for how amazing she is, but I also know that we just got incredibly lucky. So far she seems to have the best parts of both of us and we’re just trying not to screw it up.



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2 responses to “Ten Months: Stella

  1. Aunt Pat and Uncle Frank

    dani we love the pictures and the updates, you are the greatest!!! We can’t wait to meet Stella, I guess we will just have to make a trip to Hawaii!!??

    Hugs and love,
    aunt Pat and uncle Frank

    • d

      Thank you! I’m so glad you’re reading it. It’s a great way for family to see Stella grow up. We would love to have you out here for a visit!

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