Three Years Married









Three years ago yesterday, this is what we were doing: d103We didn’t go out to celebrate and we only exchanged cards because it’s a little tough these days to get out just the two of us. Instead, we took a family walk so that Tsunami could get some exercise and Stella could get some rest. When we got back home Stella was still sleeping and Tsunami was exhausted enough to just lay down in front of the fan and there was quiet and watching those two sleep in the hallway was not an awful way to celebrate being married for three years. And then after dinner Stella took her walking ability from let-go-of-the-coffee-table-and-dive-for-the-couch to actual determined steps toward something. She pulled herself up on the couch and then walked to the side and then started taking steps towards us, as if that was her runway. As soon as she got to me or Wes she would crawl to the couch and start it all over again. And that was a fantastic way to celebrate three years of marriage.

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