Labor Day

So it turns out that maybe just admitting you’re in a funk will turn the tides, because Thursday evening when Wes got home he presented me a very nice card and a massage appointment for Saturday morning, complete with a babysitter to watch Stella since he would be working. And, honestly, just that card would have been enough to brighten my mood. But it got even better Saturday morning when Stella slept until 8 and when we finally made our way downstairs, there was Wes. Since it was a three-day weekend and work is about to get a lot busier in the coming weeks, they were able to skip working this Saturday. So we made a family day and headed out to my massage in Kailua. I’ve been feeling really tense and sore from lifting weights and running and carrying a baby all the time so instead of a relaxing-but-does-nothing-for-tense-muscles massage, I got a massage that bordered on painful but was badly needed.


College football is back and Wes is crazy excited to watch football with Stella like they did last season. This year, though, she’s a lot more active so we’ll see how much she actually watches.


Washington’s first game was against BSU and though I didn’t attend either of these schools, my college doesn’t have a football tema so my allegiance is torn between Wes’ alma mater and my home city. Mostly it comes down to who buys me the gear to wear and so far Wes wins.


After the massage we decided to run a few errands at the mall and grab lunch at Nordstrom while perusing the baby section. We found a baby nail file but sadly the clothes were still ridiculously over-priced. A 0-3 month down vest for $167. A steal at 50% off but still outrageous.


On the way home we got stuck in some serious traffic. Eight miles in two hours crazy traffic. You can see how happy we are about that.


Saturday night we went to a grilled cheese and beer birthday party, where I won for best sandwich (French bread, mushrooms, arugula, and aged white cheddar cheese, maybe green olives stuffed with garlic, I’m not sure which one won)! We were thisclose to not going after our three-hour trek home but I’m so glad we went. Stella was a champ, even though we kept her out way past bedtime.


Sunday was meant to be relaxing but of course there are always errands to run. So off to Home Depot so that Wes could get started on a birthday surprise for Stella and then to Babies R Us for those packets of baby food. Burgers Sunday night for dinner that I had contemplated making for Stella’s birthday but after spending the better part of two hours making eight I decided that maybe that would be too much to take on.


Monday there was ice skating where I failed to take any pictures of the tree of us, or any picture of the family without someone else in it, and though they’re adorable pictures they contain other babes and so shall not be posted. Anyway, Stella was not I pressed with the cold and near the end there was a lot of crying and she could not be comforted by either of us. Having a baby who rarely cries start sobbing is a little stressful. Luckily she cheered up as soon as we stepped outside. I took a moment to be thankful that, for all the downsides to living in Hawaii, at least I never have to worry about Stella being warm enough.


The rest of Monday was spent getting crawled on by Stella while Wes worked on the birthday project. Not a bad way to say goodbye to August and Hello to September, also known as the month that my baby turns ONE.

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