Sick House

Sunday morning we all woke up in good spirits. I discovered that a few pairs of shoes that were just gathering dust in Stella’s closet finally fit and she was pretty excited about her ruby red Toms from my dear friend Laura. When she wants a shoe on she grabs it, brings to us, sits down and puts one foot in the air. She happily walks all around the house in just a diaper and a pair of shoes these days. I don’t mind at all because those shoes aren’t cheap!


After FaceTime with Wes’ parents I headed downtown to get my hair done. I had the first appointment of the day and the mall was the quietest I’d ever seen it. There was so much room that I could walk wherever I wanted. And with no stroller to push around or baby to tend to I could take pictures of whatever I wanted. So of course I did. IMG_4899 IMG_4902

Unfortunately, by the time I finished at the salon my throat was hurting and my head was pounding. It wasn’t too long before Stella and I ended up on the couch fighting off whatever bug had gotten to us. And that’s basically where we’ve been ever since. Instead of prepping for house guests and first birthdays I’ve been sleeping and filling bags and bags of trash with nearly three boxes of kleenex. Luckily I have a pretty amazing husband who has come home in time for me to relax and a fantastic baby who has allowed me to sleep 12 hours the last two nights.

IMG_4904We’re luckily on the mend just in time for our friends to come visit. Of course they’re coming when Wes is actually working, but that just means I get them all to myself! While they’re here my baby will turn one, even though I’m sure that can’t be possible. How can nine months of pregnancy feel like it lasts a lifetime and one year with this amazing baby just fly by? The math just doesn’t work.


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