Don’t worry, we didn’t freeze to death while in Boise. Yes, it was a bit chilly but it was such a nice change from sweating all the time in Hawaii. And at least now I’m mostly certain we have enough warm clothing to keep Stella from getting hypothermia while we’re in New York for Thanksgiving. Also, Boise has my parents there and I quite like them and we had such a fun time. Stella’s at such a fun age to be able to interact with them and thanks to FaceTime she knows who they are. Many times when my mom is complaining about how far away we live I have to remind her that it could be worse; that at least she doesn’t have to wait for the US Postal Service to deliver pictures of her grandchild.

So while we were there we saw old friends and made new ones. Stella got about a million hours with her grandparents because I was busy with wedding stuff and also exhausted from staying up until Stella’s Hawaii bed time but then waking up on Boise time. DSCN0868 DSCN0865 DSCN0840 DSCN0876 DSCN0879 DSCN0835

I don’t think they minded too much.

Thursday afternoon we were waiting for my dad to get home so that we could go to the aquarium when Stella lost her footing and fell cheek first into the coffee table. Now, at home we have bumpers so it probably would have hurt a little, but my parents don’t have a baby so don’t have bumpers and she ended up with a pretty sweet black eye that is still hanging strong a week later. When it happened I wasn’t referring to it as “sweet” but instead feeling like the world’s worst mom for allowing my baby to get a black eye in the first place. But as the day went on more and more people shared stories about their own children getting hurt and I started to remember that things like this are always going to happen. So we just went to the aquarium with a bruised cheek that, thankfully, her bangs hid quite nicely.

Stella in Boise Stella in Boise Stella in Boise DSCN0891 DSCN0889 DSCN0894 DSCN0895 DSCN0896 DSCN0906 DSCN0905 DSCN0915 DSCN0918 DSCN0925 DSCN0930 DSCN0932The aquarium was pretty small, but so is the one here in Hawaii, and a small aquarium with a small child is just about right. She clung to my dad for most of the visit – she was likely still recovering from her earlier fight with the coffee table. But she liked watching the fish zoom past her as she looked in. Three adults and one child and yes, we are all carrying variations of the same camera because we’re nerdy like that. At least you’re guaranteed to find the picture you want!


The rest of the trip was a blur. My mom threw a little party for her friends to meet Stella and she was spoiled with gifts by them all. But more importantly, she got to be the center of attention, which she loves. We left her with my parents on Saturday night and even though Wes and I both admitted to missing her, a quick look at the guests who brought their kids made us both glad that we were able to let loose without worrying about her. Instead, she went with my parents to tailgate at the BSU game and then enjoy a little of the game before it started raining too hard. We got to dance, she got to take bites of food from any person willing to let her taste. Win-win.

Sunday morning before we left Stella had her very first ice cream potato. She wasn’t too excited about the coco that covered the ice cream, but the ice cream itself and the whipped cream were a hit. Luckily it wasn’t enough sugar to make the two flights home unbearable. Now we’re home where Stella can walk around in a diaper only and I can complain about being too hot instead of too cold, ready for our next mainland adventure to New York for Thanksgiving.


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