Happy Halloween

We had a really good plan for Halloween this year that centered on a pair of ruby red Tom’s. Yes, Stella was going to Dorothy and Wes and I were going to dress up as the Scarecrow and the Tin Man. But then we signed up for swim lessons and you’re not supposed to eat for 1 1/2 hours before so going to a Halloween party when you can’t eat just seemed sort of cruel so we scrapped the whole thing. Of course, then I got an email telling me that class was cancelled on Halloween because it was Halloween. By that time it was too late to get the Tin Man and Scarecrow ready, but I was pretty sure I had a makeshift Dorothy costume that could work. We had a Halloween part last Saturday with the mom’s group that I’m part of and about an hour before the party I dug through Stella’s old clothes in search of the blue gingham skirt that I had bought before she was born, and which she never wore because skirts on 0-3 month old babies are just a waste. They ride up and just get in the way of everything. After digging through all of her too small clothes I remembered that when I was boxing them up I looked at the skirt and realized that even if we had another girl, she would never wear the skirt for the above reason and so I donated it. With little time to come up with a costume I remembered that we had a set of plastic golf clubs we bought when our niece visited last summer and that we could all go as golf pros. Easy enough.


Wes and I have all the golf attire, though my shorts are so big that we both wondered if they weren’t actually Wes’. Gestational Diabetes is probably the best bad thing to happen to me/us. I ended up wearing a running skirt so that I didn’t risk losing my shorts at the park. We laced up our golf cleats (working at Nike had some perks) and added a golf glove and were instantly transformed. Yes, Wes and I are wearing matching sunglasses. Stella had some similar but keeping anything on babies is near-impossible. I call it a success that the barrette stayed in her hair the entire afternoon.

At the party my mom threw for Stella, she received a pair of khaki shorts that are a little long. Perfect for golfing, especially paired with that collared shirt. I only wish that I’d had time to purchase some argyle knee socks.
IMG_5308 IMG_5310Overall, though, not a bad last minute costume.

For Halloween proper, though, Wes thought we could do better. He googled easy DIY costumes but I think we can all agree that the DIY category is getting more and more out of control and less and less easy. Every picture he saw required crazy amounts of crafting and time accessories. All of which we were short on. So days went by and I planned to just do the golf pro trio again, even though Wes wasn’t sold on it. He finally showed me a picture of Rosie the Riveter  and asked if I would be able to find overalls.


As luck would have it we had a denim dress in Stella’s closet, courtesy of her cousins’ hand-me-downs. I finally located it (by which I mean, I looked at the size because in my mind I thought it was 18-24 months and she barely fits in 12 months now) Thursday morning and all that was left was to find a red bandana with white polka dots so we headed out to Target. And here’s what I have to say about shopping with a walking toddler: it sucks. She will not sit in the cart any more and just wants to walk around, which would be fine if she would only listen to me and follow me instead of charging down the bleach aisle or around random corners. In between herding her around the store I found a scarf that could easily be cut to work, but it was $18 and I knew that I only needed maybe half of it and would never use it again. I was debating between spending the money and driving out to a fabric store to get what I needed when I remembered that I had some left over material from the time I made Christmas stockings.




Even though the original Rosie doesn’t have dirt on her face, Wes had the idea to add some with black eyeliner. I think it makes the outfit.


And no one is more surprised than me that her wrap stayed on her head the entire night. A few more photos of Rosie:

DSCN1108 DSCN1115

Once the party dispersed so kids could get their candy fix, we were asked to man a bowl of candy. Stella handed out some of the candy to the kids who walked by. It took longer than usual for the costumed-kids to get their loot, but watching Stella get excited over handing candy out was worth it. To me, anyway.
DSCN1128We didn’t do any door-to-door trick-or-treating because, as I mentioned before, Stella doesn’t listen so wandering around dark streets seemed like just about the worst idea ever. Next year, though, I think she’ll be old enough to understand what Halloween is all about (candy!) and we won’t be able to stop her from getting her sugar fix. I like to think that we’ll come up with some fantastic family-themed costume for next year, but Wes and I have never really been super creative on this night so it will probably be a repeat of this year in which we’re scrambling at the eleventh hour. Hopefully it will turn out as well as it did this year.



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