21 Weeks

IMG_5969I’m officially 21 weeks today and the single most asked question is: How do you feel this time around. The short answer is that it’s complicated. I hate being pregnant. The baby’s health is fine, as was Stella, and I have no emergency hospital visits or complications, for which I am incredibly thankful. But still, being pregnant is kind of the worst, in my opinion. I don’t throw up as much as I did with Stella and I’m not living on a steady diet of zofran to keep me from throwing up every hour, but I want to throw up and that’s sometimes just as bad as actually doing it. Not all the time, but sometimes. I feel the worst in the evenings, which sucks because that’s the time I get to spend with Wes and instead of enjoying it I’m wondering what I can eat or drink that will possibly make me feel less queasy until I finally decide that just going to bed will be my best course of action. During the day time I try to keep busy so that Stella doesn’t fall into a grumpy mood, which she does if we spend too much time indoors, and that helps to keep my mind off of throwing up.

Pregnancy still seems to be dragging by, yet Stella is growing and changing quickly. I know that the next 19 weeks will fly by, if only because that’s how life works when you’re watching your child grow up. One minute she has no idea what food is and the next she’s asking for blueberries and milk and granola bars. It happens fast.

I finally had to go out and by some maternity clothes. I lost a lot of weight after Stella was born (Gestational Diabetes FTW!) so most of my non-maternity clothes were baggy enough that they fit until last week. Unfortunately, my maternity clothes from Stella are still all too big. So I bought a bunch of maxi skirts (since maternity pants are also the worst) and tank tops because I feel less frumpy and more glowingly pregnant in shirts that accentuate my baby bump instead of leaving people to question whether I’m still just holding on to some holiday weight.

I started to feel this baby move a couple of weeks ago and it really doesn’t get old. Well, it hasn’t yet, anyway. I’m sure by the time week 36 rolls around and he’s running out of room I’ll be more annoyed at the kicking and punching, but right now I love that reminder that there’s a healthy baby in there. Wes is starting to be able to feel a few of the kicks as well and every once in a while I can see my belly move. It will be interesting to see how Stella reacts to the kicks when she can start to feel and see them.


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