Easter Birthday

This year, Wes’ birthday fell on Easter so instead of doing something to celebrate him, we dyed some eggs with Stella and then attended an egg hunt at a friend’s mom’s house. The day before Easter a friend posted a picture of their eggs on Instagram and when I showed them to Stella she gasped and ran over to my lap asking to see more. Any doubt I had about dying eggs was erased after that so as soon as Wes got home from work that afternoon we set to coloring eggs. I only took out eight eggs because I’m the only one in the house who will actually eat hard-boiled eggs, but it turned out to be the perfect amount before Stella got too bored with the entire thing.

DSCN1796 DSCN1807 DSCN1798 DSCN1799 DSCN1809

The next morning we quickly put together Stella’s Easter basket, which is actually my old one. I picked up Frozen and Wes came home with Brave, so even though Stella’s never sat through an entire movie and gets bored  after a few minutes of cartoons, she got to movies to add to our collection of Disney flicks. I also found an Easter-themed Pete the Cat book (she loves this book). A month or so ago I picked up a few plastic eggs with the intent of filling them with fun prizes and snacks, but never got around to purchasing fillers so Sunday morning I quickly threw in some raisins, nuts and various other food stuff that was small enough to fit in the eggs, and then Wes hid them around the living room. She spotted one as soon as she got downstairs and would not put it down. By the time she found the third one she had to use her chin and neck to help hold them, and still she refused to put any of them in the basket. While she was trying to pick up the fourth egg, one of the other eggs came apart and when she realized there were cranberries inside she gobbled them up, possibly afraid that I’d take them away from her if I noticed them. We finally got her to put the eggs in her basket and then quickly had to find the fifth egg before she totally freaked out. After finding the sixth and final stuffed egg she ate all her goodies and kept opening the empty ones, looking for more. We popped in Frozen and had some actual breakfast.

DSCN1811 DSCN1814 DSCN1819 DSCN1821 DSCN1825


After that we had plans to go to our friend’s mom’s house for a children’s egg hunt. They have the perfect front yard for hiding eggs and Wes & I had such a blast watching Stella run around looking for them. She was able to find a few on her one, but mostly we brought her attention to them. All the eggs had a prize in them (chocolate or money), but even after hiding them empty she loved to find them. The dogs came out after the egg hunt and Stella, of course, had to run around petting them. Poor Teller just wanted some peace under the table but Stella wasn’t allowing it.

DSCN1836 DSCN1837 DSCN1848 DSCN1850 DSCN1852 IMG_6319 IMG_6318 IMG_6317 IMG_6312

We got home early enough that Stella took a long nap in her crib and gave us a break before Tsunami needed exercise. And then we had Wes’ birthday dinner of spiral mac & cheese. Happy 32nd birthday to a wonderful husband and father.

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