33 Weeks


33 Weeks and 2 days. Just 7 weeks, give or take, until baby James is here and I am no longer pregnant. Being this close to having a baby is hard. I see people running or wearing clothes that fit or just not looking exhausted and I wonder when I will feel like that again. I know that just giving birth won’t bring about a drastic change, but I’m looking forward to being on the upswing. I’m looking forward to purging my wardrobe of all the clothes that don’t fit. I’m looking forward to exercising and cooking and having a beer or a glass of wine. I’m looking forward to not having my insides poked and prodded by every body part this baby can move around.


This was Stella yesterday afternoon. She woke up from her nap and had a fever so we spent the afternoon cuddling on the couch watching cartoons. Stella took all of her naps on my until she was about 10 months old. When it first started I would make up reasons to not move her, but after a few weeks I stopped doing that because I didn’t need an excuse. I knew that she would quickly outgrow our naps so I enjoyed them as long as I could. It’s rare to have her sleeping on me, so when she was showing signs of sleepiness, I barely thought about putting her down for the night. I wanted to have her wrapped around my chest to sleep.

Right now she’s going on hour 15 of sleep and I’m trying to get some things done around the house before I need my own nap. Looks like another day of cuddles and cartoons. I think the only one who minds is Tsunami, but I’ve got a near-empty jar of peanut butter that should entertain her this afternoon.

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