35 Weeks


35 Weeks already. Though I’m hoping for an early baby (like, maybe three weeks early), I don’t think that’s going to happen. Not that I’m not making contingency plans just in case James decides to humor me and arrive earlier than his July 2nd due date.

We’re rearranging and purging over here to make room for a second child, just like we did before Stella was born. The more we do this, the easier it becomes to drop things in boxes to donate. The first round of culling through books was hard, but this time around I’m not even looking at them or thinking about it. Just shoving them in boxes and hoping that someone else will get to enjoy them (if you’re in Hawaii and want to know what I have, let me know). This weekend Wes is going to start painting bedrooms to prepare Stella for her move from the nursery to her new bedroom (which will still be the guest bedroom, so she won’t actually be moving until after grandma Renton leaves in August.

It’s been really hot and humid and gross here lately and I’m getting bigger and bigger and Stella is testing her boundaries so I’m exhausted all the time. Lately she has taken to running away – sometimes getting precariously close to the street – and when I catch her and sternly tell her no, that it’s dangerous, she looks up at me and says, “Funny. Funny.” And then laughs. Toddlers, man, the worst and the best?

Anyway, I’ve got a To Do list a mile long that I keep adding to with things I’d like to accomplish before this baby arrives, but most of my spare time is spent napping so it doesn’t seem to get shorter

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