Dairy Farm

My mom came in to town over a month ago to help us out with Stella and James while we found our footing with a new baby. James wasn’t due to arrive for another week when she got here so she got to see what schedule Stella was on and spend some time just with her. Our first outing was to Naked Cow Dairy Farm with a mom’s group I’m part of. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew it would get us out of the house and Stella could see some animals so obviously I wanted to go. I’ve found that the more pregnant you are the more praise you get for just getting out of bed, and at 39 weeks pregnant I needed all the praise I could get!

Our first stop was to see the chickens and their eggs. We got to feed them and even pet them. Stella tried to steal an egg but we distracted her by showing her the goats, which you could also pet but for whatever reason she wasn’t into them. A shame, too, considering they were babies and they looked much softer than the goats at the zoo that we always pet.

DSCN2063 DSCN2067 DSCN2071 DSCN2053 DSCN2054

After the chickens and eggs, Stella talked Grandma into carrying her on her shoulders while we walked past the cows. The brown cow is their mascot, Princess Peanut Butter (I think) was her name and she looked pretty happy under that tree. The working cows were in a pen and, yes, they look terribly skinny. But we were all assured that it’s normal. They had just weaned the calves so they were thin from all the nursing (makes sense). DSCN2087 DSCN2089 DSCN2096 DSCN2097

From there we got to check out the butter they were making and then watch the cows get milked. Unfortunately, we were on the end of the line and didn’t get to see the actual milking of the cow. Instead, Stella nearly ran straight into a spider web and when I saw the spider (I will spare you all the photo), I grabbed her and she hit her lip on the bar. Stellar parenting, I know, but the spider had crazy long legs and ran really fast to get away from her. Basically, I panicked because spiders are scary but I don’t want my kid to carry my phobias so I grabbed her before she could see it. No way am I letting her hold a spider. DSCN2100 DSCN2108

And then we got to taste a lot of cheese and crackers. Stella mostly wanted crackers but enjoyed some of the cheese. We bought way too much but had a lot of fun. Even if I was a million weeks pregnant.




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3 responses to “Dairy Farm

  1. Yeah, can’t blame you with the whole spider thing….spiders are scary.

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