Blue Angels Fun

The Blue Angels were in tow a few weekends ago so we decided to check it out. I don’t remember going to many air shows when I was a kid, but Wes loved them. He wanted to be a Blue Angel pilot and wrote them a letter when he was a little boy. One of the pilots wrote back and the framed letter hung in his room until his parents turned it into the guest bedroom after we got married. He was pretty excited about taking Stella to see them fly.

We get a lot of air traffic over our apartment so Stella can point out jets, so we prepped her for the week before to get her ready and excited about seeing the show. IMG_8502

First, we ordered another pair of ear muffs to protect the kids’ ears. Safety first. DSCN2664

We decided to pay extra to get into VIP seating with shade because the show was on asphalt and it was approximately one million degrees that day with no wind because this summer has been miserable (even though it wasn’t technically summer) with heat. It was well wort the cost because as soon as we packed up our stroller, I noticed the tire was flat. Not much we could do about it at that point so James and I enjoyed the shade while Wes and Stella checked out the rest of the attractions.


The show was at Pearl Harbor/Hickam, which is right next to the airport. So the three shows took six hours because they had to stop airport traffic for the duration of the demonstrations. It was a long and crazy expensive day and even though we had fun, I’m not entirely sure we’ll go next year unless they hold it at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base again.

IMG_8505We have a friend in the Coast Guard and whenever we see an orange helicopter I tell Stella that Gunnar’s daddy works on one. She loves pointing them out now. “Oh, helicopter! Like Gunnar’s daddy.” So this was a fun treat to see the helicopter up close.

IMG_8515 IMG_8520

She told Wes that she wants to be a pilot when she grows up and she’s been sticking with it since the show. IMG_8402

Wes loves to take these family photos. Well, he will in 20 years or so when he has these memories to look back on. We spent a lot of time under the shade while we waited for the main show. DSCN2685

Finally, the Blue Angels! Unfortunately, by this time we’d been at the air show for six hours with no nap and Stella was over it. She lost all ability to sit still and watch the jets fly for more than 30 seconds. And she was hell bent on trying to eat the orange ear plugs that we’d brought with us. She would not believe that they weren’t candy. I was carrying James in the Ergo, trying to keep him comfortable and covered because it was so hot. I actually got a slight burn on my arm just from watching this last demonstration.
IMG_8413We left as soon as the show ended and this is what Stella looked like when we finally made it back to the car. The parking situation was a mess and we ended up maneuvering our way through the parking lot because the line to get out was just ridiculous. It seemed like no one knew how to empty a parking lot. We made it out in 25 minutes, but had friends who were sitting there for nearly two hours. Stella woke up for the ride home and kept saying, “Blue Angels fun,” so we know she had a good time. The next day we were able to see them from our front yard and she told all the neighbors about seeing them the day before.


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