Very Merry Christmas

Every year, we celebrate Christmas with my family during our Thanksgiving trip because traveling to/from Hawaii for Christmas is stupid expensive so we don’t get to see our families. We started drawing names a few years ago to make things a little easier. This year we celebrated Sunday morning before Thanksgiving. I realized this afternoon that I can’t post a lot of the pictures because that morning Stella refused to put her pajamas on after waking up, and I’m not posting pictures of my kid in her underwear.


James discovered the front window a few days earlier and loved looking out. He also enjoyed drooling all over everything. Also, can you believe this kid is only five months old?


Some cookies for Christmas. They’re healthy because they have oatmeal in them. Trust me, the science checks out.


Stella got a matching shirt and it took Wes most of the day to realize that they said “Importland” instead of “Important”. And this was when he dressed them in the outfits!

Steve and Coop got Stella this shirt for her first Christmas as well. Her shirt said she’d be a professional bowler. I hope they both make a lot of money doing what they love.


I drew Coop’s name this year and started her off with a little succulent that she could replant. Portland is full of little shops with small things that you don’t need but once you step foot in, you want it all. I had to stop myself from buying pretty much every notebook I came across.


A few days before Christmas, coop finally sent me a link to what she wanted: a (bike) riding jacket for her work commute. It came in blue and pink and she said blue because she hates pink, and it’s sort of a running joke that Wes and I can never remember that she’s allergic to chocolate and hates pink. So I thought it would be hilarious if I bought her the pink jacket and told her Stella picked it out and just really thought she needed pink instead of blue.


You guys, the look on her face was the best. She was trying to sort of keep it together since I told her Stella picked it out, all the while plotting on how to return it. I had actually purchased the blue one and was going to hold off on telling her, but I couldn’t wait. She just looked too bummed (and angry)about the whole situation so I quickly grabbed the blue jacket from the bedroom before she could strike me from the wedding guest list. Even after, though, she didn’t think it was as funny as the rest of us did.


Much happier with blue. And my mom’s surprised look there is because she’s in awe of how the sleeves just zip off and turn into a shrug, which would be prefect for a nice dinner.




After presents Wes ran off to get a much-needed hair cut and to return the pink jacket. Stella put on her new frog rain boots, new pink rain jacket and a head band I bought for working out – this kid is not afraid to take chances on fashion –  and went with Coop and Monty to the park down the street. I don’t have a lot of experience dressing kids in cold weather, so we just put on as many layers as possible and hoped for the best. IMG_9340

The park was pretty amazing and it had me wishing we lived near something like it. Dogs were allowed off-leash and the play area for the kids was full of fun stuff, like this xylaphone. IMG_9350

And also this slide that we went down about 100 times. Stella’s butt was probably freezing but she didn’t want to stop. “One more time,” and “Last one,” she kept saying. She clearly doesn’t understand what either of those statements mean, though, because she just kept going back for more.


Back at home we made some hot chocolate to try to warm her up, but she wasn’t too interested. DSCN3221

The snuggles were much more effective at warming her up. IMG_9357

She fell asleep like this and then my mom took her to the bedroom to take a nap with her. We foolishly did not put a pull-up on her because she’d been waking up dry from her naps. Grandma paid for that mistake by getting peed on when they woke up! 


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