A Day At The Children’s Museum

Even though Wendy’s house is huge and full of toys, we decided that we needed to get out and explore. So Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we decided to check out the Children’s Museum.  Sierra had school, so it was just Stella and Aspen. 

Pretty much every photo has at least one of them (usually Stella) as just a blur. Getting toddlers to hold still for a photo is incredibly difficult.


There was a crocodile at the front where you could practice brushing teeth. Grama sat in the chair and Stella got a little scared. “No, Grama, no,” she kept saying. It wasn’t until we were on our way out of the museum that she wanted to try actually brushing the teeth. DSCN3309 DSCN3313

Next up, the vet. Aspen was trusting enough to let Uncle Wes put her in the cone of shame and let us take pictures of her. Stella, not so much. She preferred climbing into the kennels and washing the animals. DSCN3321 DSCN3324 DSCN3325 DSCN3330

There was an entire area filled with these plastic scraps where you could sweep, dig, and pour through pipes. Wes was kind enough to help the girls pick up the scraps and put them in the bag.

This is the only shot we got where they were both looking at the camera and not blinking.DSCN3340 DSCN3346

Posing on the train. Aspen is only 8 months older than Stella, but those 8 months mean that she can be placed on the train and trusted not to jump or fall off while you take a quick picture. Meanwhile, Stella’s already over the train and ready for something else.
DSCN3350 DSCN3352

So we headed into the water room, where she was promptly splashed by one of the displays. It took a lot of coaxing from Dad to get her interested in the water features again. DSCN3358

Into the theater!


This kid in the striped shirt was cracking me up. I almost cropped him out but then I remembered that he kept photo bombing us and asking to take his picture. Aspen was a horse and Stella a giraffe.



When it was time to leave, Stella did not want to take off her costume. I don’t blame her.


Not quite how benches work, but, again, I can’t blame her. IMG_9426DSCN3365

Face painting! We drew a few shapes on our cheeks and then mustaches for Movember. And yes, we rocked those things all day. At lunch I actually got a compliment on my mustache as I was walking to the bathroom. DSCN3369


DSCN3381A little clay making. Stella and Aspen were more interested in the brushes that you use to join pieces together, but we still had to a good time. Wes made a man. I made this sweet love seat. Doesn’t it look comfy?

James is finally happy after eating. While I was painting  faces, he was trying to latch on to Grandma Candee’s face! 

IMG_9418 IMG_9417 IMG_9419 IMG_9422 IMG_9423Our last stop inside was the Wizard of Oz room. Aspen and Stella took a look at all the displays and then proceeded to jump off of this one for about 15 minutes. “Last one,” and “One more time,” Stella kept saying. We clearly need to keep working on what those phrases actually mean.


Outside there was a maze and some shrub art. The girls ran through the maze for a while, looking at each other through various doors between aisles. And then we all agreed it was time for lunch. IMG_9431 Grama Tina was fighting a cold, which we picked up (or possibly gave to her from Wes?) and are still fighting it. She looked like she needed a nap after our full day at the museum.IMG_9429 IMG_9440

I let Stella use my red lipgloss and then we took about a million slefies to keep her entertained while we waited for food. The rest of the trip she kept saying, “Stella needs red lips.” IMG_9446And then nap time on the way home. We tried everything to keep her awake on the drive back to Wendy’s, but it was no use. She was too tired. Luckily, Wes managed to make a transfer to bed and she was able to take a long nap and let us rest too!

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