Five Months: James

James turned five months while we were on the mainland. It was a long day because while we were there, he suddenly decided his car seat was the worst thing ever. Something about the car seats (yes, two different car seats) we borrowed just didn’t sit well with him (ha) and he spent a lot of time screaming, which made pretty much every one in the car want to scream. So on the 1st we loaded up the car at 3am when he woke up to eat. It took him 20 minutes of crying but he did manage to fall back asleep and we were able to drive up to Seattle in peace. DSCN3602 So five months. He took his first plane ride and was a champ, just like his big sister. He nursed a lot and took a lot of cat naps and we arrived in Portland pretty rested and ready to meet the family. DSCN3603 He is incredibly happy and I have a lot of people telling me how lucky I am. And he is so very happy. All it takes is one happy look from anyone and this kid breaks out into the biggest grin. His eyes are still blue and his hair is still dark brown and doesn’t seem to be growing at the rate that Stella’s was. He is wearing 6-9 month clothing and I have to remind myself that he’s only 5 months old because Stella was crawling and clapping and waving when she was this size. DSCN3607Bed time, though, is when he turns into a bit of a screamer. It’s such an effort to get him down to sleep and by the time I gently place him in the crib and tip toe out of his room, I’m so exhausted that I just want to crawl into bed too. He’s pretty inconsistent with sleeping through the night. We’ll get one or two nights of 10 or 12 hours and I’ll think Yes! He figured it out just like Stella! And then the next week he’ll be up at random intervals. We didn’t have to sleep train Stella but it looks like this kid is going to need it.

He has mastered the back to belly roll, and has managed the belly to back a few times but it’s not consistent. He’s working on sitting up but we still have to keep an eye on him so that we can quickly catch him before he falls on any hard surface. DSCN3609 He is drooling like crazy but there are no teeth that seem to be coming anytime soon. Just drool that we’ll have to endure for a long time, it seems. He chews on everything he can get his hands on, including any hands he can grab! Anything that comes near his reach he grabs for and it goes straight to his mouth. We have so many teething toys from when Stella was a baby that she wasn’t interested in but now they’re finally getting some use. It makes me a little scared for when his teeth actually come in because, again, Stella didn’t have any problems with teeth. DSCN3611 Nothing is safe from his grasp, if it’s in his reach. If Stella sits anywhere near him, he grabs quickly for her hair. While we were on our trip, he managed to break a necklace I was wearing. Lesson learned: no more jewelry. DSCN3614He is basically the opposite of Stella in so many ways and Wes and I find ourselves having to learn what works for him, and that’s hard. But just like his big sister, his smile is contagious and his laugh is one of my favorite sounds. I love the way he curls into my body when I’m nursing him and the way he reaches for my hand and the way his face lights up when he sees me. We’re figuring all of this out together and he’s teaching me to be patient in new ways.

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