If Thanksgiving isn’t a day for wearing red lipstick and taking selfies with practically everyone who comes close to you, then I know nothing about Thanksgiving. But I do know a lot about Thanksgiving: spending time with your family and eating delicious food and drinking good wine and being thankful about all the things in your life.IMG_9457Things like: sleeping babies.
DSCN3413DSCN3408 And nieces who are growing up way too fast but also are amazing with your own kids. DSCN3469 And snuggling babies. IMG_9458 And sisters you didn’t really get to choose but love nonetheless. DSCN3474 And moms who you maybe understand and appreciate more now that you’re a mother yourself.DSCN3477And brothers who are the best even when they’re the worst.
DSCN3511 Aunties who love you. DSCN3505 And almost-sisters who can make jokes out of most anything. Coop and I went on and on about how she should look on her wedding day: something about dinosaur arms and making her ring look huge. Hilarious at the time, I assure you. DSCN3404 DSCN3451 DSCN3455 And babies who look like their dad. Wes’ favorite thing to do with the kids is to mimic their looks in photos without looking like he’s doing it on purpose. This trip finally made me realize that yes, James does take after Wes. 
IMG_9456 Nieces who are all finally old enough to play together. They made us a delicious dinner of Barbie. DSCN3470 DSCN3478 DSCN3479 DSCN3481For family from all sides who come together.
DSCN3498 For olives that fit perfectly on fingers, and grandparents who keep giving them to you. DSCN3519 For potato rolls that are so good you can’t stop eating them! 
DSCN3506 For Grandparents who will always pose for photos. DSCN3526 For uncles who teach you the coolest hand shakes. IMG_9469 IMG_9470For amazing parents, who think they aren’t featured on this blog enough. Which might be true, but only because when they’re around we’re too busy doing stuff to sit down at a computer!

Hopefully next year we’ll be closer to this group because if there’s one thing this trip reminded us, it’s that we miss the whole lot of them.

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