Six Months: James

James is now six months old. He is 17 pounds and 28 inches long, low end for weight and high end for height. Both he and Stella have been that way and we have no idea where they’re getting their height from, as neither side is particularly tall. DSCN3830
While we were on the mainland for Wes’ meetings, he learned how to roll from his belly to his back and was able to sit up on his own. When we left Portland for Seattle, he couldn’t do either and when we came back just five days later he was doing both. It was a little crazy. DSCN3831 He is incredibly drooly and will chew on anything he can get his hands on, his favorite are shoes. For a baby that can’t crawl, little man can really move when he sees a pair of shoes! He cut his first tooth (bottom left) and was incredibly cranky at night because of it. DSCN3833 He is so happy and smiles at everyone. Wes was carrying him around at the grocery store and said he was charming every lady that made eye contact with him. Second kids, man, they’ll take the attention wherever they can get it!DSCN3834He’s trying to pull himself up on everything, even though he has very little control once he climbs to his knees! In the span of a week we had to lower his crib from the very top to the very bottom so he wouldn’t fall out! He momentarily gets on all fours and we keep thinking that he’ll take his first crawl, but then he pushes up to his toes and tries to stand. I have a feeling he’ll be chasing Stella around and climbing after her sooner that we know!
DSCN3835 He celebrated his first Christmas and rang in his first New Year, both of which were of very little importance to him. He took his second plane ride, which he passed by sleeping because he was also suffering from a cold and general dis-ease over the new tooth. DSCN3836He slept like a champ in our hotel room but when we got back to Hawaii we had some major sleep issues and after wandering around like a zombie for a few days, I decided that we needed to make some changes. So I opened the sleep book that I never needed for Stella and set about to stop the night weaning. I tried the step-down method but that just taught him to wake up earlier than he was before! So we did some cry-it-out and he has been sleeping longer and longer and we are all so much happier now that we’re well-rested.
DSCN3838 We have started letting him have food, which he seems interested in until I give him a spoonful of baby food. I’m thinking this kid needs some baby-led weaning with actual food instead of mush and I can’t say I blame him. DSCN3839 He’s also learned to sit up and scoot around the room, and Wes was able to be there for it the very first time! He tried it in the morning and by the evening he had perfected sitting up. I would lay him on his back or belly to do something in another room and by the time I returned moments later he would be sitting up. He’s bumped his head a few times, but I love that he’s so eager to get moving. He probably just wants to steer clear of Tsunami who can’t seem to get enough of his drool!DSCN3840 Stella is starting to get a little territorial with her toys, but once we remind her that she needs to share with James she’s quick to give him another toy. We’re all working on making sure we pick up the tiny toys that we’ve grown accustom to leaving out. If he’s anything like his sister, everything will go in his mouth for the next year. DSCN3841This kids, you guys. He’s growing and getting a personality and I can’t wait to see where it takes us. In the next few months he’ll start really moving and interacting and understanding and I am so looking forward to it.
DSCN3849He’s only been around for six months but he fits right in.

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