Merry Christmas

Christmas with a two-year old is fun. Well, mostly fun. She’s not old enough to really understand a lot about Santa, and she gets easily overwhelmed with two many gifts (as we learned at her birthday party), so we didn’t go crazy with presents (we’re having trouble enough figuring out where to put the toys we already have!). I did enjoy laying out her tutu and fairy wings. DSCN3705I have been using a coffee mug that one of my best friends made for me back in high school. She painted Cinderella on the front and I love it so much. That thing has been with me through a dozen moves, three states, one dog, and two kids. Unfortunately, the handle broke off mid-wash and even though it was glued back on I kept having visions of the cup falling from my hands and burning one of the kids. Luckily, Wes was paying attention and had four new mugs waiting on Christmas morning. Now we don’t have to wash mugs after using them in order to offer our guests coffee!
DSCN3706 Wes started the cinnamon rolls, a family tradition that is delicious but lasts way too long for our small family. Next year we need to have breakfast and dinner guests to keep from gaining 10 pounds in cinnamon rolls! DSCN3709 James enjoyed bouncing and watching Wes cook while we waited for Stella to wake up. DSCN3712 That is the look of pure joy after realizing she had her own tutu and fairy wings. She insisted on wearing it before we could open any other presents. DSCN3714Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a flamingo tank top!
DSCN3721 DSCN3720 And now, time to open presents. Tattoos, of course. DSCN3732 James was happy to gnaw on wrapping paper. He’s out of his pajamas after pooping all over them. DSCN3737 DSCN3739 DSCN3741 DSCN3742 DSCN3745 DSCN3751 Stella loves the new car that James got. It’s perfect for the Creature Corner dolls her grandparents got her! DSCN3756 He might be chewing on the elephant, but he’s got his eyes on Stella’s tutu. Tulle is delicious! DSCN3758 DSCN3759 DSCN3760 Tsunami got her own treat. She did not move from this spot until it was gone. While Stella slept, I took Tsunami and James for a run and this dog was still crazy when our guests arrived. DSCN3761 DSCN3762 IMG_9825 Stella’s gift from her friend Jack. We’re planting the seed for a love connection early. DSCN3765 Not a bad family photo to end our day. DSCN3776

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