Eight Months: James

James is eight months old. He is still incredibly happy and I love his smile when he sees me, or Wes, or Stella. He’s been waking up before Stella these days, so I will open her door and he comes crawling in and both of them are so excited to see the other one. Stella stays in her crib to “play with him” while he pulls himself up on the bars and for a minute I can just relax because I don’t have to worry about her pulling him into a bear hug that rolls them both backwards. DSCN4102DSCN4104

He now has five teeth and is using them to bite down on everything, including but not limited to: me, Wes, the dog. And they are sharp! He loves to use them to bite into things and is interested in all food that he can find, but he hasn’t quite figured out that he doesn’t need all the pieces in his mouth at once, so I spend a lot of time digging food out of his mouth. I had forgotten how stressful this phase is, and find myself worrying about how much milk he’s getting and what types of food he should be eating and how often and if he’s going to choke on something that I give him.


DSCN4108He is crawling all over the place and recently found Tsunami’s water and food bowl, so I spend a lot of time intercepting him before he can chew on a fistful of dog food.He has figured out that the dog door is a path to the outside world, but he hasn’t quite figured out how it works so he regularly gets his arm caught in there. He also thinks that the toilet is a fun water table so I have to remind myself to close the door. He’s pulling himself up on everything and walking around the coffee table and couch. He’s even stood on his own for a few minutes before toppling over when he leans to reach something. I know that I’ll probably regret this as soon as he takes his first steps, but I’m actually looking forward to him walking.

DSCN4112DSCN4117His eyes are still bright blue and he is looking like Wes more and more. His hair is growing exactly like Wes’ does and lately I’ve been looking at James and thinking, You need a hair cut! Speaking of hair, he loves to pull it. I make sure to keep my hair up when he’s around because he has some grip! Stella, however, doesn’t like to wear hers up so I’m constantly pulling his little fists off of her hair before she has too much of a breakdown.
DSCN4119 We started swim lessons this month, which he mostly hates at this point, but with as much time as we spend around the water, it’s a must. The first time we took him to the kiddie pool, he just started crawling in, no matter that it kept getting deeper and deeper! DSCN4125 He’s randomly sleeping through the night and when I wake up after a full night’s sleep I feel like I’ve won the lottery and spend the entire day trying to recreate the previous day so that he’ll sleep through the night. I know that once a night for this age isn’t horrible, but it’s still rough to have your sleep broken up like that. Stella definitely spoiled us for sleeping kids. I remember a friend telling me that her son was still waking up to nurse at 4am every day when he was about James’ age and I thought to myself Oh, hell no. I still think that every time I hear his cry in the middle of the night, but also enjoy that uninterrupted time with him. DSCN4128 DSCN4133He is full of mischief and smiles and every day he adds more and more to our family.

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